Req 8 +5 Energy HAMMERS and Req 8 Clouded Mauls. Also r9Tac Tribal shields (lots of them)

  • Now looking for Req 8 +5Energy hammers for a collection that was an on-again-off-again side project for me long ago. Don't know what's out there but would love to find out.

    I have some already but please don't let that stop you from messaging me about whatever you might have.



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    Inspired by Coffee's persistence and kindness I have decided to dip my toe back into the world of completionist collecting. I'm not sure I have the funds or patience or gumption to pull this off but I'm curious what a little effort and the dusty bottoms of this community's vaults can yield.


    I'm looking for any and all green hammers.

    I already have some but don't let that stop you from pming me with information about what you have and what you might like in return for it.

    At some point I will post a list of the skins I need but for now I want to cast as wide a net as possible (besides, I'm at my son's soccer game right now so can't check).

    It's been many years since I actively tried to add to a collection. I feel like big fat George Foreman hefting himself back into the ring. Hoping for some fun and maybe some new connections along the way!





    Thank you!

    Feel free to close...

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  • I have duplicate Xun Rao's Absolution and Churrta's Maul you can have.

    Honestly I'd prefer the room, I just hate merching greens.

    Who do I look for in game?

    Be Yourself ~ Everyone Else Is Already Taken!

  • Thank you Lady Lyn and Pyro Girl for helping me along...

    Not done yet - here's a list of what I still need:

    Baglorag's Maul

    Deldrimor Maul

    Droknar's Maul

    Gavel of the Nephilim

    Hodat's Maul

    The Ice Breaker

    Imperial Dragon Hammer

    Maul of the Heirophant

    Maul of the Kinslayer

    The Righteous Hand

    Victo's Maul

  • Bump

    Thanks to Max and Pyro Girl for their continued help.

    And to Kromp for finally forking over the Deldrimor Maul. What a guy.

    Just looking for an Ice Breaker now!

  • Kabong

    Changed the title of the thread from “Green Hammers” to “Req 8 +5 Energy HAMMERS”.
  • Buh-hump

    The hammers I'm looking for provide full maximum damage (19-35) as long as you have your hammer mastery attribute set to a value of 8 or higher. When equipped with one of these hammers your character's energy pool will also be 5 points larger.

    If you have any hammers like this you should let me know and allow them to be transferred to my inventory in exchange for compensation to be determined at the time.


  • Buh-hump.

    Please notify immediately of items fulfilling the above-stated criteria.

    Failure to do so will result in massive disappointment on my part.

    Faulty notification of an item purported to fulfill, but not actually fulfilling, these criteria will result in public derision of your literacy and reading comprehension skills.

    You've been given clear instructions and dire warnings. Now please proceed with my best interests at heart💓.



  • My congratulations to Gentleman Xander for correctly executing the task that has been laid out for all of you. Despite the fact that I did not need the hammer of which he notified me, his attention, intention, accuracy and consideration of my best interests are all appreciated.

    We can all learn from this great man. Those of you possessing such items would do well to imitate his admirable actions.