GW1 Client Install Problems

  • Hey guys,

    Glad to find a community still dedicated to the game I grew up dedicating what seemed like my life to.. I have stumbled on an itch to play some original Guild Wars, however am having a hell of a time getting the .exe client file to launch after downloading from the ANET GW1 website.. Can anyone shine any light onto getting it to launch specifically in Windows 7 64-bit? I tried changing the compatibility launch options to Windows 98/ME, to XP, and everything else to no avail... Trying to log into my old GW account is going to be a whole nother ball of wax because im not sure I can remember my old log on creds lol.

    Any help would be appreciated.. I do also have the original box/disks/activation keys for both Prophecy and Nightfall, Factions and EoTN were both bought digitally back in the day, if that matters at all.

    Thanks guys!

  • Is there a specific error you are getting?

    Hi there! I'm the Guild Wars Legacy admin, feel free to contact me if you've got issues.

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  • My suggestion is to scrap the download from the site and use the original disc.

    You only need 1 campaign disc to reinstall the entire game.

    I recently had to wipe Windows Vista on a couple of older laptops and reinstall it fresh.

    (1 32 bit, 1 64 bit)

    When faced with the choice of downloading from the site or using my original disc,

    I went with my own. I only needed to reinstall 1 disc with the activation key.

    You don't know how corrupted the online version might be, but you do know your disc is clean.

    And, you need the activation key anyway to access your own account rather than just play demo mode.

    If your Windows 7 is running smooth it shouldn't take long, mine took 15 minutes max on my 64 bit.

    Good Luck, & Let us know how it works out. ;)

    Oh, & BTW...with the original game and activation key, you should be able to get help from ANet with logging in.

    If you can remember the old e-mail you used, they can probably pull up the info and e-mail it to you.

    Either way, that activation key is your answer, and ANet can help you as long as you have it.

    Don't forget to register your game with them once you're set up, it'll be a big help if you ever get hacked!

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