Running/Ascension/DoA Unlock/Mission Thread

  • Hello there,

    23rd december bump: "I'll try to be active this week so if you have any request, let me know, I'll pm those who posted on november and december so that I could check wether or not they still need my help

    I decided to start running as I don't know what else to do.

    As I am not a famous runner, prices will be discussed in game and won't be too excessive.

    If you find multiple people who are willing to join you for a service or runs, discounts will be applied

    Prophecie : Anywhere from anywhere :

    Ascalon Tour (all ascalon outposts)

    LA Run :

    Maguuma Tour : Starting from LA and unlocking all maguuma outposts and missions

    Full Northern Tour : Ascalon outposts + Northern Shiverpeak Outposts + Krytan Outposts + Maguuma Outposts

    Full Southern Tour : All Southern Shiverpeak Outposts + Ring Of Fire Missions (Thunderhead keep, Ring of fire missions will be done in nm without bonus) (HM and bonus can be done upon request)

    Desert Tour : All Desert Outposts Starting from LA , Sanctum Kay (Glint's lair excluded)

    Desert Missions : Completing Desert Missions nm, no bonus for a fast ascension (bonuses as well as hm can be done upon requests)

    Cantha : Anywhere (Nahpui,Tahnakai,Sunjiang,Vizunah's square excluded) :

    Noob Island Rush for non canthan native characters : All outposts in shing jea island (missions can be done in nm or hm with or without bonus upon requests)

    Elit Luxon Armor Run :

    End Game Run :

    Elit Kurzick + Regular Kurzick Armor Rush :

    Full Canthan Tour :

    Nightfall :

    Noob island run : Foreign characters only : unlock all outposts in Istan Island

    Kodash Rush :

    Ascension Service :

    DOA Unlock Service :

    Mission Service :

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  • Hello,

    I am interested in the Elite Luxon Armor run. I am also interested in HM Tyria Missions with bonuses, a list of which I will edit into this post later so that we may discuss in game.

    Edit: For the Tyria HM missions, I need all missions except for: Augury Rock and Great Northern Wall. It's been awhile since I've played the campaign, so I apologize if some are solo and I'm unaware.

    UPDATE 1: We've completed the Elite Luxon Armor run. Went smoothly, runner was friendly. We've since begun the Tyria HM missions.

    Abaddon's Mouth

    Aurora Glade

    Bloodstone Fen

    Borlis Pass

    D'Alessio Seaboard

    Divinity Coast

    Dunes of Despair

    Elona Reach

    Fort Ranik

    Gates of Kryta

    Hell's Precipice

    Ice Caves of Sorrow

    Iron Mines of Moladune

    Nolani Academy

    Ring of Fire

    Riverside Province

    Ruins of Surmia

    Sanctum Cay

    The Dragon's Lair

    The Frost Gate

    The Wilds

    Thirsty River

    Thunderhead Keep

    IGN: T D Has An Assassin - I am in the Eastern Time Zone and am online regularly from 6pm - 10pm.

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  • Update:

    Runner was quick and very friendly, got me through all of Nightfall, Maguuma, Desert and all the small remaining outposts I didn't have unlocked in all of the campaigns. Will take his services again for the next character.


    Gates of Kryta

    Fishermen's Haven

    Riverside Province

    Ice Tooth Cave

    Nolani Academy

    Ruins of Surmia

    The Frost Gate

    Borlis Pass

    All of Maguuma

    All of Crystal Desert (have Amnoon Oasis unlocked)


    Breaker Hollow

    Bai Paasu Reach

    Eredon Terrace

    Aurios Mines

    Seafarer's Rest

    FA & JQ (Luxon)

    FA & JQ (Kurzick)

    Saint Anjeka's Shrine

    Lutgardis Conservatory

    Brauer Academy

    Vasburg Armory

    Durheim Archives

    Amatz Basin

    Unwaking Waters (Kurzick)

    Eternal Grove


    DoA Unlock

    All of Istan, except for Consulate Docks, Champion's Dawn and Sunspear Great Hall

    Sunspear Sanctuary

    Bone Palace

    Ruins of Morah

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  • Im intrested in DoA unlocking Service in NM with bonus if possible.

    and a run for All outposts in proph.

    IGN : Goddess Tammie

  • hey looking for a

    End Game Run :





    Breaker Hollow



    Leviathan Pits

    Unwalking Luxon

    Harvest Temple

    Raisu Palace

    Imperial Sanctum

    IGN Miu Is Behind You

  • I need a run from Ascalon to Marhan's, do you do that? It would be for 2 people. If possible, would like to throw in LA and Droks as well. Don't really want anything else.

    IGN Mahsa Murravel

    Edit: no longer need run, thanks anyway

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  • Hi there this is a bump, I'll try to be active this week and I'm sorry for being inactive for so long.

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  • interested in a price on a tour of all cities in prophecies that are possible without doing any missions, lmk a price here or ingame.

    ign: Lil Wink