Red Fireball WTB Tower Shield & Defender (all kinds) and q0 14^50 os purple items

  • Hello!

    Here my updated list of items I'd like to buy! There are still some gaps to fill and I still got some ecto to spend on these :)

    Important stuff first:

    Priority List - all prices are negotiable - I want these. Order of mods is to be neglected.

    • q9-13 -2wE +27 Defender q10-13 15e/ea, q9 25e
    • q8 -2wE +10vs Slashing Tower Shield or Defender 40a
    • q9 -5/20 +30 Tower Shield and Defender 20a
    • q7 -2wE +30 Defender Offering my soul, my firstborn, my life
    • q8 -3wH +30 Tower Shield or Defender 25a
    • any req -2wS +10vsCharr Tower Shield or Defender q9 10a, q10-13 5a
    • any req -2wS +10vsDwarf Tower Shield or Defender q9 10a, q10-13 5a
    • any req -2wS +10vsSkeleton Tower Shield or Defender q9 10a, q10-13 5a

    Open for trades as well - contact me! PM or IGN Red Fireball Rusher

    1:1 Trades - I got several shields that I'd prefer in different order of mods. I'd offer a 1:1 trade and add a little money for convenience ;) Listed is the order as I want it - I have the contrary.

    • Defender q8 -2wE +27
    • Defender q8 -2wS +30
    • Tower q9 -2wS +30
    • Tower q9 -2wS +45wS
    • Tower q9 -3wH +60wH
    • Defender q13 -2wE +30
    • Tower q13 -2wE +10vsCharr
    • Defender q9 -2wE +10vsCold
    • Tower q13 -2wE +10vsDragon
    • Defender q9 -2wE +10vsDwarf
    • Defender q9 -2wE +10vsPlants

    1. oldschool Tower shields and Defenders!

    Please offer anything you have :)

    2. insc, clean and white Tower Shields and Defenders!

    (clean can be obtained from certain Charr Battleplan quests...)

    Basically for any armor value the lowest req and for any req (0-9) the maximum armor value plus gold insc q9s in all gold values

    Would be very happy to get some sets finished, I need your help in order to accomplish this. Looking forward to some nice trades!

    cheers, Red

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

    IGN1 Red Fireball Rusher

    IGN2 Silberner Magier

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