G2A.com Nightfall Key Code

  • So i had a 10 Euro Paysafecard left and decided to buy a 2nd Guild Wars Account for Storage etc. The game costs 14,99 in the Guild Wars Shop so i bought a key from G2A.com which was cheaper but the key is already used...

    Do you think it helps when i write the support or is it just a waste of time? Do you guys have any experience with G2a.com and GuildWars Keys? ty for the help...

    ign: Ry Gerhardt

  • Anet support isn't the way to go here. They don't permit the transfer of accounts. The account belongs to whoever registered it and that's the end of it, as far as they're concerned. Unless you lie to them about the whole situation I don't see them doing anything other than ignoring you. What you should do is either get a refund (if possible) or talk to the seller and get the log in details and the registration details (eg, home address) for the account (then obviously update them to your own).

    Also, I don't have any personal experience with G2A.com, but it is a grey market so while you might pay less you run the risk of things like this happening. Some quick googling indicates to me that it's a website I would definitely avoid.

    Also also, the place to go for cd keys nowadays is gameliebe. I haven't used it either but everybody I've ever seen use it rates it highly.


  • What Gentleman said. G2A has been found to be pretty shady at best. To be honest with you. I would avoid any and all third party key code sites, unless they have a proven track record like humble bundle. Most if the time these third party sites don't have any realation with the game devs of the keys they are selling, so the devs never see a dime of the money from those keys.

    My advice? Always by from a dev store. You may pay more, but at least the devs get an honest buck for their work.