• Hello,

    someone knows a good spot on Shin Jea Island or around Kaineng City to farm Kappas with Assassin, Ritualist, Dervish or Elementalits? Also i need a build if someone can help me out.

    thanks in advance

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  • You can easily farm them outside of Gyala Hatchery with a Vow of Silence Derv/330 hp rit/obsi ele. Pretty sure you can farm the ones in the under city too. Gotta start from local Vizunah Square (I think thats the one)

  • The best way to get to the Kappa spot in The Undercity is starting from Vizunah Square (Local Quarter), but you would need to be a Faction native to start here.

    The location of the Kappa can be found on the following wiki map, right where Baubao Wavewrath is (he is a Kappa).


    You won't miss them once you get there, there is tons of them, you would just need to ball them in groups.

    NM is rather easy, a variety of builds can be used.

    HM is much harder, I know of a few people that use to farm this successfully with a Ranger using a Whirling Defense type of build. I don't have this build or have a Ranger setup to test it.

    Another tip for The Undercity is to activate the quest "The Challenge", this will decrease the number of Plagueborn that you have run through to get to the Kappa spot.

    But now that you know where to try, you may come up with something else that works.

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