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  • Hello,

    I’ve recently taken interest in drop research (after reading certain posts and having some conversations with Red Fireball) and decided to do some q8 weapon farming. I know most of you do chest runs to obtain q8s but I was thinking of trying some good ol’ farming (i.e. actual foe killing). I have already tried farming Vermin outside Senji’s Corner with not much luck. Vermin are level 18 in NM and although within the range that can possibly drop max q8s, they are on the low end of that range, making such drops very unlikely. After consulting Red about it, I am now in search of locations with level 20 foes (NM) in order to give it a go, as these have the highest chances (which are still small) of dropping max q8 weaps... In addition, since swords, shields and offhands are the only weapons that can still drop in q8, I was thinking of trying mostly warrior foes which have generally higher chances of dropping the first 2.

    Here’s what I got on my list so far:

    - Jade brotherhood knights outside Marketplace

    - Minotaurs in Elona Reach mission

    If you got any other ideas regarding locations with level 20 foes (preferably warriors) that I could try, or any other insight on this, please let me know :)



  • Forest Minotaur's in Kryta (Level 19). There's a whole bunch of them - like 30+ if you run from TOA towards Kessex Peak.

    Luxon Assassin's for The Haclyon Job quest are level 20, easy to farm and plentiful (Not warriors but still melee and have a great drop pool)

    Corsair Cutthroats at the beginning of Moddok Crevice are level 20 in HM, although from crazily extensive farming I am unsure if HM has a hidden effect on req8's since I have never had one in what must be 10k+ runs.

    This quest spawns level 20 Charr in Ascalon however I am unsure of their drop pool:,_Here_and_There

    Jungle Skales are level 19 and really easy to farm with Obsid Flesh/SF builds.

    That's all I got off the top of my head, but to be honest you really are much better off chest running. You can typically get a req8 focus a few times a day if you persist and if your lucky a req8 melee weapon every week or so. I've only had 1 or 2 req8 (Gold) actually drop from a mob since the loot scaling nerf and I farmed most of these spots and more like a mad man in my days. Got leg survivor from the Mino's on two characters when they give like 25exp per mob or something lol. Many 1 off max req8 but never a req8 max.

  • Well general farming locations with lvl20 foes in NM i know of: (sorry none are warriors really)

    Kappa in undercity NM (lvl20) (these are easyly farmable)

    Afflicted lvl20 (idk if they can be farmed tho)

    Temple Guardians in tahnnakai explorable

    Desert Griffons (theres one location outside augury with alot of them) theyre lvl21

    and yeah other locations been stated earlier

  • I am also on the hunt for q8s, and for the same reason that GhostKairi mentioned, I have moved mostly to chest running just due to better luck with q8s. Although the majority will be Offhands, an occasional but rare to get a shield, and let's just say, still on the hunt for a q8 chest sword after many many runs.

    This is what inspired me to create the following post on Legacy to help others chest run for Q8s

    Chests with Q8 Max Drop Possibilities

    For the variety, I do also solo farm when I need a mental break from chest running. In addition to the above suggestions, the other one I like is the Am Fah and Jades (all levels 20s) throughout Wajjun Bazaar.

    EDIT: Just realized you had jade outside of Marketplace listed, but if you haven't tried the other Jades and Am Fah, you can get quite a few in on a single run, and there is 4-5 chests along the way that have Q8 potential as well.

    Also, thought of one more that I just recently started, it's level 18s but fun farm, in Stingray Strand, the Warrior Caromi Tengu Elite can be found in small groups and farmable. No luck yet but a new farm for me.

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  • Jungle Troll, Forest Minotaur, Root Behemoth, Minotaur, Rock Eater Scarab, Hill Giant, Desert Griffon, Stone Crusher would be my ideas for a selection of lvl18-lvl22 mobs suitable for drops - mentioned Minotaur and desert griffon are easily farmable - all the others are a little more difficult, to effectively "farm" them, but it might be worth a try nonetheless. Also good spots would be Nahpui quarter Mission with plenty of Star Blades, possibly dropping q8 Crene and Cele swords. but ye... chance is quite low :D (but there´s also q8 cele shields which are way more common^^)

    Pretty much entire Kaineng city is more or less suitable for q8s just like crystal desert in Proph, since almost all mobs are lvl 20. Some strong Solo Build could do the trick - just bring enough dmg to take out the healers...

    I am also still waiting for my first max q8 sword dropping - after some 1offs already, where one was caster even :_(

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

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  • Yes, GPB drops prettymuch all around from jade brotherhood so chests around them can drop q8s (also foes ofc)

    Oni blades can drop q8 from chests near Shirokens in sunjiang district & shenzun tunnels (well think these could drop GPB aswell)

  • Yes, GPB drops prettymuch all around from jade brotherhood so chests around them can drop q8s (also foes ofc)

    Oni blades can drop q8 from chests near Shirokens in sunjiang district & shenzun tunnels (well think these could drop GPB aswell)

    Not that it matters, but GPB is linked to Shiro'Ken drops and not Jade Brotherhood before you start running outside Marketplace to farm them :P You could chest run them in Sunjiang or Shenzun as Ikki has suggested though.

    Personally I put these drops in the category of "no longer obtainable" due to the incredible difficulty of targeting them at lower reqs. Its not really worth the effort and time you would have to invest.

  • Tho i ment jade brotherhood in elsewhere, im 100% sure ive had GPB drops on pongmei near jade brotherhood foes over the years few times (theyre quite rare tho, just few over prob tens thousands chests in pongmei)