Duncan The Black

  • Hi everyone

    Just after a few tips for killing that evil dwarf Duncan the Black

    everything ive read on google isn't really helping, I have frozen soil and swap but they dont seem to be helping me out.

    Any tips to take him out will be greatly appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance

  • More info = better answers. As above, post your builds. Also, where are you having trouble? Is it just Duncan or are you struggling to reach him? Does you team fall apart quickly at Duncan or can you not sustain a battle of attrition?

    Given that lack of info, some general thoughts:

    -I'm not a fan of Frozen Soil. It's as likely to screw you as the enemies and dealing with the big mobs is more about aggroing them well than countering their rez anyway.

    -At Duncan I find I spend more time focusing on microing Shelter on my ST Rit than on my own bar. You're going to want it up 100% of the time but they tend to delay and that can cause a wipe.

    -Disable skills that aren't helpful or could impact your team's stability at Duncan.

    -Remember you can flag heroes 4-7 apart via keyboard commands now so you don't need to have them sitting together in the all flag and thus be super susceptible to Spirit Rift.

    -Duncan's Defense means that throwing huge amounts of offense at him (which is very easily done given the general overpoweredness of the skillset today) will work against you. Adjust your bars accordingly. You might need to assign someone extra healing duties, or you could aim for more self sufficiency (eg, Ether Feast on the Mesmers).

  • I just tried Duncan few times with Heroes (NM first) and fail at kill him. The way to him is pretty easy. Since I dont have 3 mesmer on my monk right now I run with these builds:

    2x Nec/Rt Heal with Icy

    3x Air Ele with Invoke + LS

    1x Esurge Mes

    1x ST Rt

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