CLOSED PC on 25 OS Items pls

  • 1, 17 overfarmed skin, mixed mods, 2off, highreq - 4 points for merch

    2, 4, 5, 6, 18, 19, 25 high req, not best mod, not best skin - merch

    3 nice skin for caster, high req but q13 has some popularity - 15e roughly

    7, 9 good skins, max mods (not best, but okay) you can get 5-10e but hard sale

    8 nice mod combo, sadly coreskin and q13 - 5-10e hard sale

    10 good mod combo, by far too far from max, high req - merch

    11 I love that mod combo, but far too far from max, core skin, high req -merch

    12, 21 rare skin, good mod, good req - idk price but I'd expect some ecto

    13 singlemod highreq - merch

    14 bad mod combo, nonmax, highreq - merch

    15, 16 hex mod unwanted, skins okay but still - merch

    20 okay skin q9 15^50 - 10-15e or so

    22, 23 okay mods, core skins not worth the effort - merch

    24 -1 reg are rare as inherent, vamp is useable, but ene (like yours) only for collectability mainly, since high req and nonmax - merch

    Hope this helps :)

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

    IGN1 Red Fireball Rusher

    IGN2 Silberner Magier

  • imo all merch...q9 +5e kris daggers might get you a few ectos but all the rest is merchfood id say, those skins are botted as fuck and therefor pretty much worthless espsecially since most of this stuff is q10+ and/or imperfect (ofc shields/wands/foci with good/perf dual mods can still go for a decent amount of ectos/arms


    ign: Katze Kami

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