The Ministry has arrived.

  • Hi all, Ministry of Purity here!

    I have decided to create a very fun challenge for myself in this amazing game! I created a group of all Elite Ministry heroes that can only run builds ran by the Ministry. I plan on documenting over a long period of time my accomplishments with this group! My overall goal is to get GWAMM, but this will take a long time as I will have to test many builds, and cater to every zone in order for this to work, especially in HM.

    At first this was a joke that I thought would never come into fruition, but it is now the most fun thing I've done in this game in recent years. After years of meta builds, helping people with my para Lady Miina, giving away all of wealth to newcomers; I decided it was time to do something fun for myself!

    Rules for this challenge:

    1. I can run any build I want on my character only.
    2. Pcons are allowed.
    3. Interchanging of heroes whenever needed. (i.e., change merc heroes to any profession needed to progress)
    4. Monster skills (used by Ministry) can only be replaced by Res Signet or a skill similar to it.
    5. If build does not have Monster skill, I can change 1 skill out for a Res Signet.
    6. (Edit rule) Heroes required for use in Elona can run any build...they are not worthy of Ministry builds.
    7. (Edit rule) I have to use every Ministry build at least once.
    8. No disabling of skills (unless upkeep enchant), Ministry use every skill, so I will as well.
    9. I must get masters on every mission attempted in order to move on.
    10. Have fun!

    If anyone is wondering where I am getting my builds from, here is the link -

    Here are some photos of the Ministry, as well as them purging Cantha of filth.


    The Ministry arriving at Kaineng.


    Ridding the world of this filth.

  • I am on orders to purge the lands of Elona. I found a fellow Canthan during my travels, I felt bad for him, so I let him join me.


    Helping this puny warrior save some sunspears.


    All these sunspears can do is Orison of Heaing....what filth.


    These Kournan posts are pathetic, my shit on the bottom of my shoes does more harm.


    Delivered...all this grunt work just to strike down Varesh...


    Helping this half man half horse creature kill some Kournan scum. Met a "taskmaster" dervish who is a disgrace to dervish everywhere.


    You call this a castle? The Kournan inside were eager to die.


    They call these demons? My Miniature Minister Reiko is more scary than these guys.

  • As always orders change, I'll be slaving away at one thing, then get yelled at to do another. I have left the lands of Elona to venture to a land called Tyria. My mission: kill the Lich.


    The desert is hot in these outfits!


    Crystals delivered....What does he plan on doing with them?


    Took a mini vacation to go kill some Jotun for food...let's just say they stood no chance.


    Glint stood no chance. The eggs ended up making the best breakfast I've ever had! I must find more eggs to give to Reiko.


    Stupid Dwarf, I could have killed those Mursaat. the Mursaat towers stood no chance against my signets!


    I think I saw a ghost!


    I found you Lich.

    My orders have been reinstated to continue through Elona to defeat Verash, see you again soon guys!

  • I have not tried every build yet no, I will always provide s/s's of every hero build I am currently running. I have chosen some odd groups so far such as using the deadly sin during the desert.

    It is a toss up between 2x star burst eles and the 2x sandstorm ele builds.

    I paired Reaper's Sweep with the Sandstorm builds because RS kd's for 3 seconds, and all 3 characters have aftershock.

    Shared Burden is a really nice pairing with the 2x star burst ele as well.

    I can't really decide right now, I think when I go through WoC I will find my favorite team comps :D