Chest Run: Factions - Morostav Trail - NM

  • Hey all,

    thought I have to post one of my favorite chest runs as well.

    I do not have such specific drop research as Agent Chevy has but Im going to copy the layout since I think its pretty decent for overview.

    Hope you enjoy the run.

    QS Ice

    Run LocationMorostav Trail
    Starting PointDurheim Archives
    ModeNormal Mode
    Average time (can vary based on skills and pcons)2 to 3 Minutes
    Full or Partial Map RunPartial
    Chest TypeKurzick Chest
    Number of Chests2 to 3
    Q8 Focus, Shield, and Sword Possible?No
    Examples of targeted drops (not all inclusive)Echovald Shields and other Kurzick stuff
    Oldschool or Inscripted ItemsOldschool
    Consumable (Optional/ Not required)Cupcake
    Build TemplateOwZjgwf84Q0k6MHQSfceIQ3lTQA (just an example, possible ro run with xx/Sin on all classes)
    Run Tips/NotesNote 1: IAU is required for not getting knock downed and running through traps
    Note 2: Perma SF is not required but can be useful for the last chests spawns
    Note 3: Get your SF up before running into the possible Elemental boss chest

  • QS Ice

    Changed the title of the thread from “Chest Run: Factions - Morostav Trail” to “Chest Run: Factions - Morostav Trail - NM”.
  • Hey,

    I'm also doing this one and I have maybe a little tips.

    If you have more luxon points than kurzic (well, you need to have the opposite one of the archives), you can die and you'll rez near the orange dot

    I added some spot you might have miss by taking this route !

    Also, there's a full map for a run from Vasburg that you can find in the imgur album here --> Post Your Favorite Chest Run

    I also recommand taking some alcohol if you're tired and just want to relax

    Have fun running there :D

    Chest run for ever
    IG : Grand Mere Shoutee

  • Yeah well, the perma SF isn't really mandatory when you're starting to know the zone & mobs, you should cast it only against kirins or a large amount of RT warden (and the ele boss too ofc, this guys hurts a lot).

    You can easily outrun everyone of them with a dash btw even in HM (I'm runing only in HM, but still to many purples out there in the chest ...)

    If you're wondering, that's my build : OwJSg5PTHQ6M0k3lNQ4OTQIQ

    DC & HoS gives you enough heal to avoid being killed easily

    Chest run for ever
    IG : Grand Mere Shoutee

  • True that,

    The build I posted is more like an example (I use that whenever I run anything: chests, rushes, etc.).

    Thought posting a build and tips which everyone can use for the run without probs or the necessarity to really pay attention :D

    (Personaly I enjoy runs in which you have to pay attention and of course skins I prefer ^^ dunno why ppl. do northern station and crap like that..)

  • Hey,

    I'm also doing this one and I have maybe a little tips.

    If you have more luxon points than kurzic (well, you need to have the opposite one of the archives), you can die and you'll rez near the orange dot

    Hi, my technique here, with rez is ->

    1. Start from: Vasburg Armory, with more points than the inverse faction of the one controlling Vasburg Armory and not equip any resurrection skill. (

    do not forget to go back, outpost->zone->outpost. In order to have an optimal starting position after /resign).

    2. Enter the zone, flag heros on rez point (north) and kill yourself on the nearby enemies to the south. Deactivate the heros flag a few seconds before resurrecting.

    3. Open chest(s). For my part i go south, then west and return to the north (this makes a "U").

    The average can be from 0 chest to 4 chests in less than 3 minutes.

    Note: If you have quest: Cleansing Morostav Trail, the chests to the area, filled with afflicted, drop Plagueborn skins, instead of normal zone skins.

  • Hey at all,

    since there was such much feedback within one day I want to continue this a bit further.

    Thanks to Neutral_CH for adding value to that specific chest run.

    Also thank to Agent Chevy for sharing his knowlegde in that many threads and keeping chest runs alive

    Thought about an vaabi chestrun for q8 shields today.

    Unfortunately there are only Kournan enemys with the correct level for req 8 items.

  • Thanks QS Ice ! This is more than exciting to see others sharing run details.

    The Chest Running passion is widespread but not spoken to much here on the forum.

    This may encourage me to dig into my stat archives and post some more runs with drop details :)

    To see more low level Vabbian items would be nice. Unfortunately as you mentioned the Vabbi chests themselves don't drop them. Farming Blue q8s is a more likely chance to get one of these beauties.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for sharing us this chest run. Since you posted it i personally did it several times and i now use swap instead of DC (presence of many spirits). It decrease the time by 30sec-1min each run. You also can use rift warfen/boo for hos through walls. Using the same path you drawn.

    Have fun