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  • Hey guys, this part of the forum isn't very animated as I can see, so let's see if I can find an answer !

    I recently started a warrior but struggle to find a very efficient build. I always play PvE and with a bip team of heroes most of the time. I usually play use swords, but I wouldn't mind using an axe too. The best would be to have builds for everything, to change a bit when I want some change.

    So, is there any very good build or bases for a warrior build? Also, is there any interesting website with a large number of builds I can get inspiration from? I know gwpvx but most of the warrior builds are for PvP.

    Thanks !

  • Gwpvx looks like it's got all the meta stuff covered. You shouldn't be struggling to be productive with such builds. What issues are you having? Perhaps it's a matter of execution - melee characters in particular vary wildly in effectiveness depending on the usage by the player.

    As for other builds, looking through the warrior elites on the wiki would be a good place to start - warrior bars tend to be defined by them so find something that looks interesting and build around it. You could also try digging through the guru archive or the old german forum. There's also the discord, though that's not really searchable.

  • a good start would be a simple warriors endurance with a lot of strong strength attacks and few of your weapons' attribute. Nothing much can fail here. A whirlwind attack is always useful for energy buildup - use a zealous upgrade on your weap.

    Another classic is a drahon slash warrior. Use for great justice to permanently spam it. Anything else is to cover the time between for great justice.

    A very neat one for PvE is a cyclone axe build. Especially devastating with one or two rit heros carrying splinter weapon. Cyclone axe, whirlwind attack are the core of the build triple chop is an optional elite but not really necessary. Secondary monk with live vicariously and vigorous spirit round off the thing.

    Also a earthshaker hammer warrior is great against groups as well as backbreaker warrior to take out a single target.

    Generally some protection prayer hero is always useful with shielding hands or the likes, also healing seed etc - flag the henchies so you initially get all the aggro then you also get best use of your aoe.

    I advise to read the skills and think about effective combinations. But there are good examples on the mentioned site.

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  • I currently play with warrior endurance, it's not so bad I think, but I'll try different builds with dragon slash, it sounds pretty good, maybe a bit boring to play though? I'll see.

    I have a build with triple chop for my hero that I pretty much never use, I'll take a look and see if I can turn into something good if I wanna play with an axe.

    Thank you both for the answers guys !