There is only GuildWars

  • Who else can claim that GuildWars is the only online game they have ever played?

    I have been fortunate enough to find enough to occupy myself and keep the love and interest in the original GuildWars and its expansions both in the game itself and its community that I have never wanted or needed to even try any other online games. Including the sequel.

    GuildWars is literally the only one for me.

    I wonder if I’m the only one....

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  • Same here. I’m not really a gamer outside of GW these days. Been playing since ~2008 (I think).

    Still never bored with it and no interest in investing a bunch of time that I currently don’t have getting better at a new game I probably won’t get the same mileage out of.

  • Couldn't claim that it's the only game that I've ever played, but it's the only game that I've played consistently since 2005 with occasional year(s) breaks in between.

    Got into Diablo 3 for a year or so when it released. And tried messing with Divinity Original Sin 2 for a little bit a couple years ago.

    Guild Wars left too big of expectations for both PvP and PvE in games.

  • I have played many online games, for one reason or another. Too many to count or name. Probably tried every major MMO at some point. Never really stuck with most of them. Except Aion & Age of Conan, which is probably my favorite MMO because of the lore. For me, GW was unique in its economy. One of the primary reasons I enjoyed it so much long ago.

  • Begin video games 1985-86 with Atari xxxx (not remember model, 5 years old), 1987 Nes, 1988 Commodore 128D, 1991 SNES, 1994 Playstation 1, etc ,etc. Play online since 2006, my first PC Gaming with GW for first online experience (and GTA SA 2004 online unofficiel ^^ fun), but i play many many games online, MMO, FPS, etc. Probably way too much played at video games..

  • My older brother got me into MMOs Guild Wars being the first. I loved it instantly man. Around 2008-09 I got into World of WarCraft. That was a cool experience too, the flying mounts was the highlight for me. Now I’m back like I never left 8)

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