Mods over Linux using Wine result in ban?

  • As a general rule Anet don't whitelist mods. You'll never get a definitive answer that something is ok. Certain functionalities are blacklisted, such as automating gameplay. Anything outside of those blacklisted functionalites is use at your own risk. Personally I've only ever used Texmod and never had a problem with it. Using a non-windows machine shouldn't make a difference to these policies.

  • okay. thanks for the input. ive done alot of reading on their policies and only planned on using texmod myself. have you known anyone to game on linux with mods? in reference to arena net eula

  • There isn't a client side anticheat so the only way to get in trouble would be partaking in banned actions being automation and exploits. So if you don't do either of those things there is no issue running windows or linux. Do keep in mind as stated that there is zero support or grace for using things like texmod, toolbox, etc. Anet will never give the ok to anything like that but they aren't directly hunting them either unless a specific feature is being abused.