• Hello all! This is my collection post i will try to complete at some point! :) 1st little story behind me and how i got into collecting!

    I started GW in late 2005, bit before factions release after saw my childhood friend play the game. I was very casual player first years, i liked to pvp and didn't know anything about items.

    After factions release i started PvE more and got my 1st q8 items, then i started trading small shortly later in 2006, and 2007 i started to collect items.

    During 2007-2011 my focus was on getting all q8 daggers, and few nice bits for my warrior, then early 2011 i went to military, sold every single item i had and bought miniature Island Guardian that was "lost" with my friend soon after..

    I didn't play Guildwars for few years, until late 2014 i logged 1st times, and early 2015 decided to start playing again. I had few customized weapons on my chars, absolute nothing i could sell and started trading and collecting from a scratch. Many of you guys helped me back then to get started, and i am eternally grateful for that! Thanks to you guys i've been able build the collection i have now, since 99,9% items are from these later years of the game.

    At 1st i started collecting random q8 dmg mods, but soon i noticed i had ~15 random q8 15^50 on my storage.. Then Aris came back to GW and decided to sell hes items somewhere in 2015, and i tried to get as many as i could and soon i had 45 q8 15^50 together and the collection had started.

    In 2016 i left Presearing with my perma pre ranger, and that's when i started to collect bows, and soon after also daggers..

    While searching for q8 15^50 hasn't been easy during these late years of Guild Wars, my collection went into many different directions and i also started collect almost anything nice xD

    Here is q8 15^50 i have on me now, what i've managed gather during these last 5 years, thanks to everyone who sold me pieces over the years, and i'm especially thankful to those who given me their pieces for my collection, would not be here without you! Only to name a few special mentions go to system.fan and Coffee Man for their pieces ! :) You guys are the best!!

    So without further introducing, here is my main collection!

    Tyrian swords


    Canthan Swords


    Tyrian Axes


    Canthan Axes


    Tyrian Hammers


    Canthan Hammers


    Tyrian Bows


    Canthan Bows





  • Extremely nice collection! What req do the tyrian axes have, also req8? Can't see that. As I saw, you have pictures of weapons in it your're still looking for in your wtb-threat...

    Good eye, i didnt even notice that xD Thats what u get for cropping too many images.. fixed the axe image!

    And yes, those ones also on my WTB ive got from friends to my collection and im still seeing if i can find some on my own to replace those ones :)

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  • Time to take 2nd step on long and slow journey of getting known with my collection.

    I'm testing out different types of displays and different sizes of posts and eventually whole big bunch of different things will be posted way or another xD

    Here is selection of 1 different skin of each dmg mod's, i've never done similar with daggers since there isnt dv or dz it doesn't feel the same :D

    I chose my favorites here from the ones i have :)

    Hope you enjoy!










  • Well here is that 3rd step on this journey :D

    Had some time to screenshot my warriors q7's and hopefully didn't miss any haha, again trying out some different ways of posting stuff :P

    Posted my favorite sets as seperate, then tried make some other sets with shields i had and then remainings xD









    Hope you enjoy'd!


  • Quick side step here!

    Some other things i have gathered, a few purple/blue/white items, mainly so few because its so much harder find blue for example than gold lol

    While continuing warrior stuff now, here's some! :)




  • Final part of getting known with my warriors equipment :)

    "The others" i suppose, things that weren't posted here yet.

    Everyone knowing me know that i trade alot, i sell and buy and trade items for another so my collection is forever changing and evolving.

    This is the "other" that i just like to collect nice things and keep them and sometimes change them :D And in the end there are 3 special items that're important parts of my collection for reason or another :)






    Hope you liked looking at my warriors weapons over the last posts! i will move to different professions then slowly, until everything been posted.