curiosity, change the outcome of a chest drop ?!

  • i always had this curiosity when u go chest running, you go near the Chest and you wonder '' shall i open it now or shall a wait a few seconds''

    will the outcome of a chest drop will be different if you wait or you open it straight away? or chest has fixed drop after it spawned. ?!

    i know there is no way to actually know this, but i had to ask :D

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  • I was under the impression chest drops where determined when you loaded in. For example, if you do deep with 12 people, and someone gets a double elite tomb drop, that chest now can only be opened by 11 people becuase the tombs stacked, there are only 10 remaining drop in it. Though i guess what your asking is, does it cycle through the drops... or are they allready determined in an order... impossible to tell really.

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  • I read somewhere in the Wiki or Reddit (I don't remember) that the items in private maps are assigned by the server in the same moment when your player visibility approach/loads/spawns an enemy or chest, so no time or roulette involved according this.

    But no idea if it's true because there were no sources, I think it was just speculation, all I can say.

  • Unless a dev confirm this, we will never know :(

    You have certain map who contain different NPC/foes regarding when the map is created (for exemple in Spearhead Peak leaving from tasca; you can have some dwarf NPC who will remove some foes).

    Another example for my argumentation would be in snake dance.

    Same as above, you can have some NPC dwarf in the map, and sometimes some dwarf foes.

    The foes are already dead before you can even see them (killed bu other surrounding foes)

    If there is a chest near by, it can be a dwarf one.

    So for me it shows the chests are generated as the same time as the map.

  • To add to your guys mystery think of many Factions locations when you are near a chest and a group of Oni spawn on that chest and then you end up getting ie Oni Shroud or Blade etc... It almost leans me towards the possibility of them not being prefixed but determined at the time of opening, thats my only argument for that. So I can't really safely assume either.

  • But aren't the spots that spawn Onis also determined when entering the map? So when you get a chest that can occure on a certain variety of spots around oni, you get the chance of dropping oni-related stuff? All other chests out of the range "near onis" (what ever it exacally means) can't drop the oni-related stuff.

  • Exactly, except a few exceptions, a chest will always have foes on it :

    -immediate foes on it

    -pop ups (like oni, some am fah, some outcast for exemple)

    -At the starting point of a patrol

    The only chests I can think where there is no foe are in Pongmei, near the am fah boss.

    There are foes near by, but not immediate, no pop up.

    If someone has an idea about those chests ?

  • In this case, I immediately think of some sort of geography that also works with the kurzick-part of pongmei.

    I'm not acitve out there playing a lot, so I'm not sure about am-fah drops from this chest. But in my mind it works like a map you can see visually (kurz-part) together with some sort of aggro-range of foes in the background.

    But I can be totally wrong 😄

  • My typical ritual before opening any chest is that I first drop my most valuable items in my inventory and equip bags next to the chest. I then kneel in front of the chest and count to 100. At this time I open the chest and it will fall within my dropped pile so for a very short period of time, I can believe that I just dropped a sweet item :)

    Ok... Bazinga...

    This is certainly debatable topic. I generally try to do full map runs to get all chests just for the superstition that the one I don’t open is the q8 holy grail and if I don’t open it, my chances of another will start over.

    There are a lot of factors (many mentioned above) that make this hard to prove as a chest doesn’t always appear upon zoning, but my thought here is that the chest spawn location has to be predetermined so that there are only so many chests on the map and that they are all outside of a specific distance from each other, as a result why wouldn’t the chest drop be predetermined?. There are chests that spawn with foe pop ups, Urgoz blood drinkers is one example. There are chests that spawn upon a kill, not as common but one example is killing Redwoods in Reed Bog. In addition, there are other possible triggers such as the chest that can spawn in Elona Reach mission when picking up the crystal that opens the gate in the back corner of the map.

    With this all being said, it is currently individual opinions, I have always been under the impression that all drops, chests and foes are determined at the time of zoning into a map, but again, no hard proof.

    Not to change the topic but here is a spin to this conversation. I have always had the question of when does favor impact the gold drop rate in a map. For example, if you enter a map during favor, favor ends, the increased gold rate appears to stay while you are in the map. That would mean it was predetermined. The opposite scenario can occur as well, if you are in a map without favor, and favor starts, does this impact the gold drops while in that zone? (Mind blowing)

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  • Hi, this is a fr/eng translation ->

    The "random" bosses of Prophecies, would go more in the direction of downloading the map. They are not determined when you get close to them, at least I don't see it that way. This must be the case for quest pnj's in an area.

    If it is the case (or not), regarding the contents of the chests, it could be determined when opening them, as an object after killing an enemy.

    This idea seems more pleasant and coherent to me, downloading the map, loading items on the map including quest NPCs in the area, etc, depending on the players who load the map. Then the contents of the chests, like the enemies, at the moment the interaction takes place (open, dead). I'd add that when you win by bringing a dead boss in the zone (bonus), it's also done even if the boss was far away in the zone killed by other mobs.

    Note also that the first player to load a map becomes the "master" of it. As long as the other players have not appeared (no more downloading). He can for example make impossible missions, dungeons or any objective on the map with /resign, as long as he is the only human on the map. The move of the 2 elite volumes on a chest could then take the turn of the chests that have a pre-determined object (download) and not at the time of opening. Maybe if 2 DL players map it at the same time, right at the same time, a chest can potentially leave 2 objects... (?)

    I don't believe in favors, I've never seen any real difference, apart from luck, nothing constant and systematic. Changing region to can be an influence on the fact that: the less I came there with this character = more drop the first times. That I believe ;) I'm lazy but I'd like to test for example a LvL1 in the islands of fire, for chestrun (yes I can do it). Make some tests and see if it changes something... or not.

    EDIT: another interesting thing. When you arrive in a zone, no safe will be direct at the beginning (in general) but further in the zone. If you reverse this, with e.g. 2 entrances into a zone, which are opposite, you will always have the safes far away and not at the entrance of the zone (in general).

    This goes in the direction of downloading = position of the safes. And not at the moment of approaching them.

  • I will clarify my favor comment that it does not impact chest drops, but it does for sure impact Foe drops. I have done some extensive data collection comparing the same farms with and without favor and for sure, there is a difference in gold drops (not necessarily the quality of the goods, just more golds. I understand that not everyone believes this but that is fine, more golds for those that believe :)

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    Definition of "Collection": An Accumulation of objects gathered for study, comparison, or exhibition or as a hobby.

    Note: Definition does not specify rarity or value, although it could be a choice, it's not a requirement.