OS Q9 & Q9 Insc cleanout lots of skins 47 items

  • Hello everyone i'm cleaning out my storages stuff is getting really full.

    Feel free to make an offer on anything i'm most likely going to accept other then the 2 underlined items or with b/o unless its good offer.

    Not posting pictures since its quite a cleanout only showing picture of Chakram to prove its able to be dyed.

    dye proof.jpg

    Os weapons:

    1. Celestial Longbow 15^50 Q9

    2. Jeweled Staff Illusion 20/20 Q9

    3. Wolf hammer 15^50 Q9

    4. Jade Daggers 15^50 Q9

    Insc weapons:

    5. Clockwork Scythe Q9 b/o 250e

    6. Celestial Compass Soulreaping Q9

    7. Dragoncrest Axe q9 b/o 25e

    8. Wayward Wand Inspiration Q9

    9. Wayward Wand Divine Favor Q9

    10. Platinum Staff Energy storage Q9 x2

    11. Serpentine Scepter Soul reaping Q9

    12. Zodiac Scepter Energy storage Q9

    13. Crystal Flame Staff Soul reaping Q9

    14. Colossal Scimitar Q9 x2

    15. Nightmare Scythe Q9

    16. Guardian of the hunt Tactics Q9

    17. Exalted Aegis Tactics Q9 b/o 15e

    18. Exalted Aegis Command Q9 b/o 15e

    19. Exalted Aegis Strength Q9 b/o 15e

    20. Celestial Daggers Q9 x2

    21. Dwarven Axe Q9

    22. Stiletos Q9

    23. Silver Boar Scepter Soul Reaping Q9

    24. Long Sword Q9

    25. Jeweled Staff Illusion Q9

    26. Fanged Sword Q9

    27. Ancient Axe Q9

    28. Inscribed Chakram Domination Magic Q9 (dyeable) b/o 50e

    29. Kappa Shield Tactics Q9 b/o 25e

    30. Gothic Axe Q9 b/o 15e

    31. Wayward Wand Energy storage Q9

    32. Amethyst Aegis Tactics Q9

    33. Celestial Longbow Q9

    34. Storm Bow Q9 b/o 25e

    35. Platinum Wand Energy storage Q9

    36. Summit Hammer Q9 x2

    37. Shining Maul Q9

    38. Ram's Hammer Q9

    39. Shield of the wing Tactics Q9

    40. Iridescent Aegis Command Q9

    41. Kukris Q9

    42. Spatha Q9

    43. Steel daggers Q9

    44. Water wand Q9

    45. Sephis Axe Q9

    46. Ancient Shield Command Q9

    47. Azure Shortbow Q9

    48. Wayward wand Smiting Q12


    Edit: Added new wand

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