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    Items will provide their effects when equipped regardless of whether they're identified or not which allows them to be tested. For example, if you equip an unidentified sword and your max health goes up by 27 then then sword has a pommel of fortitude granting +27 health. This is a very obvious example; other things take a reasonable amount of effort, and some would likely take far more effort than they're worth. Items which cannot be equipped (eg armor items) cannot be tested. Regardless, do be aware of confirmation bias and such.

    That's the official download link, unless they changed it which I don't think they have done. It'll be flagged as dangerous because it modifies the way another program runs which is inherently suspicious behaviour.

    Just talk to support and see what happens. Apparently they're extremely generous nowadays - I've heard stories of people freely telling support they were banned for botting and then getting unbanned. If you can somehow give a reasonable indication that the account is yours you should be able to get it back. Do you remember the information you used to make the account, like real name or address or something? That should do it even without the codes.

    The app could run GW with the log in info passed in via command line switch. The decrypted info would be produced in the code and sent straight through to the Anet authentication server without needing to handle a log in screen.

    Regardless, it's a moot point. The creator would still have access to your logged in account. What would stop them from doing things with it while the app is running? Unless they've found a way to get access to the chat functionality without anything else, which I very much doubt.

    I certainly wouldn't declare that the motivation for the creator must be to steal people's accounts - this is certainly something a lot of people would want, including the creator - but you'd be a fool to trust them. For me to even consider such a thing I'd want explicit knowledge on how it functions, i.e, the source code. Perhaps the log in information is encrypted between the app and being input into the GW client in a manner that ensures the creator isn't ever able to view it.

    My favourite missions are the classic noob traps: Thunderhead Keep and Grand Court of Sebelkeh (Factions doesn't have one because its timed missions instead teach people to be terrible). As someone whose primary interests are game mechanics and builds something which specifically attempts to teach you why spamming Flare or Conjure Phantasm stops being effective is much appreciated.

    As for the quest, I'd also nominate Althea's Ashes. Obviously it's one of the most (probably the most) iconic Prophecies quest, but there's a specific nostalgia element for me too. The first time I did it we had a level 7 monk, a level 9 necro, me as a level 13 mesmer and a henchman. We got right to the end (after starting from Piken Square nonetheless) but we just couldn't fight our way up to the pedestal - the combination of warriors jamming the stairs and the rangers shredding us from their elevated positions was too much. We wiped twice, but then on the third attempt enough went our way such that a clear lane opened up in front of me and I ran for the pedestal. After wiping again, I checked my inventory and sure enough, I had the ashes. I told the other two people to give me their jars and instead of trying to kill the charr, try to block or draw them off so I could get through. We planned out precisely what each of us was going to do and then managed to replicate my pedestal run. Finding a way to succeed after you've all but admitted defeat is about as satisfying as it gets.

    My favourite explorable (which presumably is what you mean to ask) would probably be Spearhead Peak. It contains a good mix of enemy types, some challenging geography, the boss with Ferocious Strike (which I wanted for my Warrior), and is on route to The Granite Citadel (where you can craft Dragon Armor, which I also wanted). The random group of dwarves that occasionally spawn from the north is a nice touch too.

    Yeah, I'm getting that too. Perhaps it's not downloading properly at all. One thing that stood out though was that the filename has dots in it - that should be reserved for separating the filename from the extension. Renaming it didn't help.

    There have been some technical issues in the last day or so which for the most part seem to have been resolved. It looks like the Like functionality has been renamed to Thank You. I don't know why.

    Prophecies is my pick because of the varied environments and enemies, and the medieval fantasy aesthetic is my favourite. It also has a sense of adventure that the others don't due to the relative lack of outposts. If I had to pick a single part of it, I'd say the Shiverpeaks. Only thing I really don't like is how many 6 person areas there are. The desert really should have been 8.

    Nightfall is generally pretty good. Riding in the wurms is an entirely unpleasureable experience, but that's the only issue of any significance.

    Factions is my least favourite of the campaigns because trying to find my way around the city areas gets tiresome (even Kaineng Center now with its 100 million NPCs) and having the missions be timed was an atrocious decision. Doesn't help that they also featured big mobs, exploding enemies, and npcs you frequently have to protect.

    EotN has a similar feel to Prophecies with the environments (Charr Homeland especially), though knowing how GW2 actually ended up makes me much less enthusiastic about it. Reused dungeon levels don't help.

    My favourites tend to be those with sentimental value. I suppose it helps that I prefer the traditional medieval fantasy stylings over those used in Factions+NF. As such, I'd say the flamberge is my favourite, though it's not the kind of thing I'd usually go for. I don't recall what made inspired me to pursue one as my first big buy (45k!) - my tastes have changed in the last 12 years. Oddly, the ingame design is nothing alike to the real life flamberge.

    For me it's not so much about a specific profession as it is being able to perform in certain roles (namely melee) and build diversity. Generally I prefer to play casters but that isn't the case in GW. Not sure why. If I had to pick one, I'd probably go for Rit, with Ranger in second.

    If you're crafting gear from Vasburg Armory you don't need upgrades. That stuff is uninscribable and already has the mods you want. Just craft wands in the same way you crafted the focuses. It's quicker and possibly cheaper.

    Two entirely non-essential things that may or may not be on the improvements list:

    -Linking to a specific post (via clicking on the post number in the upper right corner) doesn't work.
    -Spoiler tags don't open. It's not so much an issue for actual spoilers, but sometimes when people write long posts (often guides) they put certain things in them to avoid derailing their post. The content was saved - it can be seen in the page source - it just that the tags don't open.

    I suspect what he means is that if someone sends him a whisper while he's afk then by the time he gets back it'll have disappeared due to the large flow of dialogue. I haven't heard of any tools that do this though, only a few websites like you linked.