Awakened Cavaliers

  • gw300 copy.jpgHas anyone else experienced this issue? You have awakened cavaliers in a full mob where one or two isn't really that bad but when you get 3 or four with a monk back up, the res situation gets out of control. The simplest response is frozen soil to counter with, along with interrupts, but that's difficult to do in wurms. It's also fairly standard that the cavaliers are complimented with melee to destroy spirits. I think the solution to the npcs is to remove either the res sigs, or hardwire mobs in a way that prevents more than two per party.

    Is that even possible and does anyone think it could be changed these days?

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  • If you can't wipe them outright turning it into a battle of attrition seems the way to go. We Shall Return costs 25e so they'll run dry eventually. Not sure how much energy they have though. I recall once hearing standard casters have 65e in HM, but I can't say that with any surety and Paragons obviously aren't casters. Perhaps try to organise the heroes to spike the enemies one at a time with Siege, hopefully prompting a Cavalier to burn 25e for next to nothing. I haven't vanquished the Desolation in an exceptionally long time (only did it once for the title) but I would think you'd burn them out eventually even without special strategies. Wurms have near unlimited rez potential too. Another thing to try would be to pull them so that they ball up and become more vulnerable to AoEs.

    Also, if you're going the Frozen Soil route, don't underestimate spirit range. You should be able to cast it where it's not at risk of being attacked.

    I very much doubt anyone left supporting GW would be confident enough with the system to go around messing with spawns, though it would be nice if they addressed certain enemies who have become disproportionately strong or weak due to updates.

  • Attrition was my original attack inside the wurms but save yourselves along with the res sig, seemed to keep them in a cycle that was just efficient enough to keep them at full strength, along with the acolyte backing them up. I also tried downing the monk so they'd burn through the SY skill in the hopes to overwhelm the rest by wasting their collective pool of energy.

    Even though I've beaten these mobs before (It's been awhile), it confounds me how they were able to maintain a full res party for longer then a 10 minute duration against a full team of wurms that could kill each npc with three hits on average.

    And yeah, the Anet part is just wishful thinking.

  • Those guys were a pain in the ass to vanquish. If memory serves, I did it pre-zWay with a discord team and frozen soil to keep them dead.

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  • tbh with worms I didn't fave severe problems. Use ranged weps on all henchies, play like melee yourself - aggro mobs and pull around corners. Run in with speed skill for a kd once that ends, manually activate elite on henchies - everything should be dead. If not try running away for deaggro, so they run back to original location. They will be out of reach to resurrect any dead allies. Then either wait for bodies to decompose or run straight in and kill.

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