Post Your Favorite Chest Run

  • Idk about 'profitable' it all depends on luck. Your luck retaining picks and your luck with drops. Nomal mode is definitly not profitable imo, hard mode is less not profitable due to elite tomes. Honestly, I don't really keep track of my cost of picks vs. cash made from drops. I don't sell my crap unids to improve my income, I id everything and salvage most junk drops if it salvages into mats I use for other things. I usually chest run in hopes of getting that rare item that makes it seem worth it. Most stuff I have/use on my characters was dropped to me, I have traded for some stuff but it's a small % of what I have.


    There is some math on it in that thread... just change the 3 on the end to 4 thru 7 to see the rest.

    Just today I broke 10 picks running chests for a few minutes but got 2 superior vigor runes, random luck is random like that (Halcyon Job, lux sin chests). Most times you probably won't make money but there is always a chance at a string of good luck.

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  • Chestrun can be profitable, especially when you sell unids that can only be crap (thinking of high req hammer/bow that aren't worth anything even with dualvamp) and if you sell the id and get the item back for the rest. With Elite Tomes and all the possible good stuff you can get from Factions chestruns, most of them are probably profitable. :)
    Ofc try to get lockpicks for 1.2-1.25k/ea, don't buy keys from merchant.
    Know the good runes to keep (I don't think there's any good purple rune besides Vigor, but there are a few +3 worth something)

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  • I agree with Vizi, most often on Factions runs I'm pretty sure I'm usually not losing $. If I am it's due to how I don't sell unids since I really don't have space to store them to sell. Yesterday was decent I think all told I ran 50-60 HM chests and had decent luck retaining, only 22 broken picks. Final tally of drops was 2 superior vigors which I kept since some of my heros still need them, ~18k made from selling other runes to traders, a q9 15^50 mammoth axe which some characters koss will probably get and 2 elite tomes (1 necro, 1 rit).

    Runs like outside Boreal Station idk how profitable they are, the skins mostly suck so you are stuck praying for max mods that are also wanted mods or elite tomes. About the best weapons you can hope for are draconic or ornate spears, bramble bows or dolyak prods. There are a few others but too but most of the weapon drops aren't really worth your time. The only time I even bother running there is if I need mods or inscriptions because I try to avoid kamadan as much as possible.

    On a different note,

    What is everyones biggest pet peeve about chestrunning?

    Mine is getting a reg mesmer tome from a chest and breaking the pick.
    Worst drop imo + broken pick = annoyed Looney :@

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  • yeah, there are a few places that the drops are pretty bad--boreal is one of them (did some chests while working on leg. survivor there), and gotta say, I dont think I kept anything that dropped from one of those.
    I think there are a few worse drops than a mes tome (I still have a few mes' that havent gotten all the skills so I can still use those)...some of the armor drops are pretty bad--like when you get only an inscription (that even the rune trader doesnt want).
    I think my luck is still my worst peeve---opening 10 chests in a roll, breaking all the picks and all grapes (my lady monk no longer opens chest for that reason).

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  • Yes, 8/16 shields, q8 max swords and q8 max focii can possibly drop in crystal desert from elonian chests and possibly also the highest level maguuma areas. As far as odds of getting a good one, its a pretty low chance. HM is probably more profitable especially since elite tomes sell for a good price.

    Look at it discusses it a little.

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  • I've been working on getting my sin set up for some chestrunning. Pretty much there and have been doing the Sorrow's Furnace Kilroy quest. Super fun to do with 50% IMS.


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  • Does anybody know some good chest runs on Shing Jea island?
    I've tried the Sunqua Vale/Zhengjo Temple run for a short bit, but I found it fairly underwhelming.

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  • The problem with shing jea chest running is there is only a couple chests per zone so pretty much every run is kinda underwhelming.

    One I do is start at ran misu and head thru crimson skull along eastern edge. Zone into panjang and head over along the west coast thru the naga. Then head thru the crimson skull along the south edge into the cave. After the cave head back along the north edge back to kinya and go thru the crimson skull again. Zone at the door into sunqua and back to kinya. Head back thru crimson for another lap.

    Its a long route but passes close enough to see many possible chest spawn points...

    Only problem is that any zone on shing jea island only has 2 (maybe 3) chests.

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  • Yeah best shing jea run ive managed find is from shing jea monastery to sunqua vale looking 1st few mantid groups front of monastery and going to Cave on right side. the run helds 0-2 chests, its quite quick 1-2min run but its frustrating when u get few 0 chest runs in row.

  • Has anybody had any luck running Ministry of Purity chests? I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it seems to me like the chest in Shadow Passage post-A Chance Encounter would the most accessible/quickest.
    Any idea what the drop table of these chests looks like? Bo/Dragon staves, katanas and other core faction skins?

  • some of my favorite runs :)

    Ice Floe Run


    Start: Thunderhead Keep, needs infused armor

    Drops: Mursaat Bow/Hammer, sometimes Raven Staff and ofc basic skins

    Run takes about 4min, usually 1-4chests per run in HM

    Undercity Run


    Start: Vizunah Square (local) wont work with WoC active, u can take the quest "The Challenge" (from Bakghu in Shenzun Tunnels) to make first two groups of Plagueborns disappear, makes it a bit faster

    Drops: Plagueborn Weapons, Celestial Weapons (if chest near Kappas), Platinum stuff (if chest near Am Fah)

    Run takes about 1-2min, usually 1-3chests per run in HM (NM can drop q8 but no guarantee for chests)

    Archipelagos Run


    Start: Cavalon

    Drops: Naga Bows, Jellyfish Wands, Oni Blades/Daggers (if chest near Onis)

    Run takes about 3-4min, usually 1-4chests per run in HM

    Nahpui Run (explorable)


    Start: Senjis Corner

    Drops: Platinum Stuff, Katanas(?) and q8 stuff if u run in NM

    Run takes about 2min, usually 1-2chests per run in NM (sometimes non)

    Vloxen Run


    Start: Vlox Falls

    Drops: all kinds of Runes, Tomes & Summit Weapons, Draconic/Ornate/Serrated Spear, other EotN skins

    Run takes about 30-45sec, atleast 9 out 10 runs spawns a chest in HM (SUPER fast run :D)


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