• So collecting is a real thing in GW, theres an entire subsection dedicated to them on this very site, the beloved collections thread is huge, people endlessly discuss them and most threads on the buy section are related to collections. And when I look at peoples collections on here, first of all I can relate and very much appreciate a nice collection, and second I just know that a certain level of collecting ingame means people must be collectors irl too.

    What do you collect outside of GW? (physical or in other videogames) and how and why?

    When I was a kid I used to collect stickers, stones, stamps and coins. Nowadays it's (budget-) watches, i accumulated numerous flashlights that make up what could be considered a collection (I did not really intend to collect them, i just wanted to try different ones and kept them), I could see myself getting more into collecting physical media (games, dvds, cds), game consoles could be considered a small collection too. In GW2 (booooo) my main motivator that kept me playing for as long as I did was unlocking (collecting) as many different skins as possible.

    It's not like I go in with the intention of creating a collection, it just happens automatically. And it doesn't always feel like the collection itself is the point, rather it is the process of collecting. Also there is definitely a hoarding tendency for me both ingame and irl.

    Anyways, I'm curious about your (beloved) Collections.

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  • oh my... where do I start? :D

    pokemon cards, stickers, coins... been there done that!

    my main collection in my youth mainly has been stones - fossils and crystals and other minerals. nowadays my thing are old tools. ain't nothing better than an ancient 2man saw or a good old screw driver with wooden handle. or a proper axe. or...

    oh and it so happens I collect animals - some voluntarily others not so much - sheep, horse, cat, mice, rats, ...

    fun topic on here and love to hear from others' collections!

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

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  • I own a slightly absurd amount of switchblade, dual acion otf, balisong, and gravity knives... and kinda cutting stuff in general.

    Why? I can legally carry them here, so why not... i might meet a scary box to cut.

    Also flashlights kinda too... because shiny

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  • Nice topic; I have never been collecting anything as a child or a young adult until very recently. I got back into playing basketball after a more or less 15 year hiatus, and since I quickly realised you need sneakers with very specific outsoles (traction patterns) for our country's "very well maintained" (dusty as ****) courts, I started on the quest to collect the shoes that would work well even here. I find myself researching this topic more than anything else in my free time, currently only at 3 pairs but I have my eyes on about twice as many more already...^^

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    collecting....too many things. Started with stuffed toys as a kid---now collection is over 5k (and still growing), also collect keychains and magnets (these were easy things for relatives to pickup on their travels and put into their suitcases), also collect BB8 stuff, anything with Patrick Stewart, board games, dice, cookbooks, yarn (I am a weaver), Harry potter and castle legos, rocks (hubby is geologist), some christmas decorations, sumikko gurashi plush, japanese castle stuff and japanese 5 storey pagoda stuff.....get the idea...I need a house just for the stuff!!

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  • like Looney, I have a lot of knives. a lot of balisong in particular.

    also rocks, cause I can't help myself but to pick up an interesting stone when I see one while hiking, at the beach, etc. ^^ who doesn't like a good rock!? over time I've accumulated a lot more rocks around the house than I should have, but I can tell you where just about each one of them was found.

    when I was a kid it was foreign currency, paper and coin, because I liked the designs. as well as local bills and coins that were old - the older the better.

  • I like to collect guild wars merch or memorabilia, pictured are the 3 collector's editions of the campaigns, the pre-order game demo, the game guides for prophecies and factions, 2 game informer magazines that once held promo codes for a mini asura and mini destroyer, 6 collectable skill pins (Distracting Shot, Vow of Silence, It's just a Flesh Wound, Life Siphon, Gift of Health, and Aura of Displacement) and finally on top of the collectors editions is a Christmas card from arena net with various signatures including the beloved Gaile Gray

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