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  • Wooot! new board and new OT


    so to get this started.

    what is everyone up to these days?

    I have been a bum this summer--playing gw (and my hubby's new phone ap zen koi, dang addictive game :@ )

    oh and the other topics of mine: weather--going to be warm this week
    food: corn on the cob!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the BEST things of summer!

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  • Perkunas! Nice to see you here!!! (and its been a long time too...)

    VERY hot today....and the car brakes started making lots of noise another day at the old dealership...though it was nothing serious (only a bit of tightening needed), though they did find the exhaust pipe was leaking so it got that was a good thing.

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  • Hello cosyfiep, it has been awhile.

    Instead of a campout for the grandkids, went to Omaha Zoo. 3+ hour drive, $63.80 entry fee, 2 kids & 2 adults, hours of walking and looking at sleeping animals hiding in corners, only seeing about 1/4 of the zoo,....... I was not impressed.

  • yeah, summers are not a really good time if you want to see the animals at a zoo....they dont like the heat either...think the campout would have been a better time.

    hot and raining here...getting tired of rain.

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  • Are you staying safe up your way cosy, with all the storms near you? Had a near miss at our old place in the country. Lots of trees down, but all the structures are still standing.

  • lucky for us, none of them were near us (got lots of rain, thunder and lightning)...and now its acorn season, so our driveway looks like the aftermath of a storm everyday (and a hazard to walk on as well).

    got to see the star trek movie this week before it left the theaters, too much action for me and not as much story--but that has been the way of the new star trek movies.

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  • If I had the time, I would like to rewatch all the original Star Trek episodes, or possiblt The Next Generation.
    Have to agree that the more modern Star Trek movies are more action related with a bit less story. I'd still watch them but they wouldn't mean more to me than any other scifi movies.

  • hubby finally uploaded all of our original series ones to the computer so we can watch them at any time, next gen is on our bbc channel just about every day--and has been for years, so I get to see that just about any time.
    One of the new cable stations here has started showing deep space nine, voyager and enterprise (which I had not seen the last season of since I was living in japan when it aired)....though a friend of mine lent me his copies to watch (when my cable went out) so I got to see it. We also had the whole deep space nine series on dvd which he uploaded as well (he had some time off last month so it finally got done). So even when the cable is out we can still watch those. My friend didnt have the voyager ones (said he would check after xmas if they were on sale someplace) because they were overpriced.
    Got the last movie for xmas on dvd so I have something to watch (and turn the volume down on) and pause--so I can take it all in.
    Still havent seen the newest star wars movie nor the harry potter universe one...but might wait for that one to hit the cable instead, will try to get to the star wars one (if its still out....).

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  • the new cable network here is almost thru the whole deep space nine and voyager series (they finished the original, next gen and enterprise a while ago), been nice to watch them all again since its been sometime since deep space nine and voyager were on (seems the bbc has also gotten ahold of the voyager series and has been showing the first 3 seasons on mondays here). My friend got the voyager ones at an after xmas sale! Syfy has had next gen for years now, so have gotten to see them tons of times (and have not been rewatching them).
    Got to see the star wars movie, not a really good movie, the story was weak and the acting, well, some was ok, none were good....but it will make money which is what disney wanted. Think I missed the potter movie, oh well.

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  • I think I missed every Harry Potter movie myself. Should I watch them, or better spend that time online in GW?

    Watch them all WHILE PLAYING GUILD WARS! Hahaha!

    Hi there! I'm the Guild Wars Legacy admin, feel free to contact me if you've got issues.

    :ass: Inquisitor Karinda :der: Sunspear Elke :mes:Librarian Amber

  • I play while listening to the movies as I like the soundtracks almost as much (more) than the movies themselves (especially the first 2---john williams is a GOD to movie soundtracks!). The ABC family channel plays them every few weekends (though they do like to pass over order and sometimes goblet...), but they add so many commercials that it takes them 4+ hours to show each movie! I listen to the star wars movies and the star trek movies too---I have watched them soo many times that it gives a new perspective to them.
    at some point I will read the HP books, yep, put it on my list (which by this time is so long that the last ones will be gotten to when I am closer to 150 years old /sigh) much to do, never enough time...can you believe its already February????

    wtb fountain of youth!

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  • Hello all! Has been some time since I have been in here. Hope all are doing well.
    Enjoying the "early" spring, but watchout, winter always gets the last laugh. Been very dry this winter, only a couple of snows that put a little water on the yard. Hoping for a wetter spring, for the flowers.
    Still collecting gifts from Nick Sandford in pre on a daily basis. Working on stack #13. Farming Nick's items an hour or two here and there.
    Take care. Be back soon(er or later).

  • Nice to see you again---hope the weather is missing you (heard about a tornado someplace in Illinois...)
    We havent gotten much snow either, but rain is falling as we speak now.
    Been playing some as well, working on some survivors across a few accounts and getting thru the canthan new year (and opening gifts to get the mini--just because I like to see the celestial show up) as well as getting some armor for some of my minor characters (mules etc).

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  • Off topic go quiet? Oh my! Hello all. Stopped work on my ark and decided to pay a quick visit here. Ark? you ask. Went from 4 in deficit from start of March to 6 in surplus to now. lol Grass is green and needing mowed, flowers starting to show their colors.

    Take care and catch you all later.

  • yep, gets quiet now :(
    yeah, I had those ark plans out too ....rained for like 10 days straight (then one day off and then 4 more days...)...but seems we have another break in the weather....until tomorrow! /sadWETpanda least its not SNOW--
    just came back from the upper part of michigan (NOT the UP) and it SNOWED there the first day (and was wiiiiinnnnnyyyy!!!) had some really nice wind burn on my face that day..then the next day it got warmer and the wind settled--and then the next day it was in the 60's! (today it was 70) we went from cold enough to snow to almost 70 in the short time we were there (wed-sun), yep crazy midwest weather! (saw buds on the trees here too).

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