Wartower.de is going to shut down this month


    They had tons of stuff, like images ....and they were usually the first to find Nic (back when we didnt know where he was going). It is a sad day indeed to see them go.

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  • Do we know any of the admins or server monkeys? Can we get in contact with them?

    Can we archive it?

    Can we host it?

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  • I'm not against archiving, but in this case we'll need the approval of the admin first and we're not going to archive every Guild Wars site either.

    If there's a call for it and the admin gives his OK, we'll host it.

    Hi there! I'm the Guild Wars Legacy admin, feel free to contact me if you've got issues.

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  • I'm not sure a full archival would be good either, possibly only selective posts/threads with invaluable information or research.

    Such endeavour could be called on the members to each scavenge and see if something would be worth saving. Not an archival in itself, just saving the information.

  • hey!

    Any idea how would I be able to archive the posts I would like to keep? Copying in Word would be a darn tedious process. Is there anyway, i could save it for offline use?


  • I don´t know if any of you know but there are news.

    This and this post tells us about the new plan. I try to translate as good as possible the most important things:

    We decided to work together with GW2Community. They will be host, but we will be the operator.

    Wartower will move to a new server and everybody can access a light version of it.


    • 15.02. - 16.02. A complete backup of wartower has been created and downloaded
    • 16.02. - 18.02. We deleted over 1 mio posts in the pc-games, internal section and the archive. We also deleted about 35.000 users which have been inactive (banned users, users with 0 posts, inactive users with 0 posts, users which were active last time on their registration date, User which have been inactive since 4000 days or more and with 0 posts.
    • 19.02. - 20.02. "Maschinengeist" takes over the Domain and "about us" has been adapted/changed.und wir passen das Impressum an.
    • 21.02. Registration and the trading board have been closed.
    • 22.02. The trading board will be deleted and final archives will be created and downloaded again. This new version will appear on the new server. Posts from this date (22.02.) won´t appear in the new version. If necessary we will send a Mail to all active users.

    The domain still isn´t accessible but the board is (for me).

    I hope everybody understood my (bad) translation. :D

    EDIT: They finished moving the data to the new server and are still working on the integration of the data in the bulletin board (25.02.)

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