Arm Challenge #1: Best Screenshots (NEW Price pot: 40a!)

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    As stated, I'm holding my first of many competitions here on Legacy. This one is simple:

    Goodluck everyone! ^^

    Please encourage players outside of Legacy to join in :)

    If there are enough contributions I might increase the total number of Armbraces.

    If you want to donate to the prize pot, you're welcome to do so.

    Numbers picked:

    Click here for to see lists of numbers

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  • Awesome, I’ll be sure to participate if I may :) I just don’t understand why you have these great creative tasks when you’re going to distribute the prizes randomly. I’d suggest you split the prize pool, distribute 15 armbraces among three people you think have the best contributions (maybe one best contribution in each category) and then randomly give away the rest of the armbraces. I think this would encourage people to really try hard and come up with some awesome screenshots and ideas, while all still have a chance to win regardless of their creativity. I’d also like to hear whether the other competitors would support this idea or not.

  • Yes, it's certainly a possibility. This is my first event and I wanted it to remain unbiased. For judging the best talent I would prefer to have a panel of judges and that would complicate things. But there will be more events after this one, I have at least 50a more dedicated for contests and events.

    I might even get some started before this one has ended, which is why I also wanted to hear great even ideas in this topic, next one will be something creative as well but where I will try base the prize on creativeness.

    Edit: If a few more requests a divide then I will work something out. Probably 10-15a to the best screenshots. Non-participating Legacy members will then be welcome to help me judge ;) Rest will be divided randomly using /roll.

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  • I'd say dividing them amongst best contributions and splitting randomly would be an excellent way to share out the prizes to the community. I understand this makes it a little more time consuming (selecting winners etc) but would be a more fair and motivating method.

    Hope I can find some time to get online and participate in this competition!


    Always blame the Monk.


  • Well, then I have an announcement to make!

    The good news:

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Arm Challenge #1: Best Screenshots (Price pot: 25a)” to “Arm Challenge #1: Best Screenshots (NEW Price pot: 40a!)”.
  • 1. No, I won't tell where it is. DO THE RESEARCH! (taken on a laptop, so rip resolution)


    I suck at haikus

    I need something from Guild Wars

    Shiro Tagachi

    2b. Some serious lore trivia with actually interesting and in-depth questions, instead of asking about very simple things, like what is the name of the tengu that aids Togo in "Tengu Accords". Questions going deep, that require actual knowlege of the lore instead of plain information given to us during a campaign playthrough and fast writing skills. You are probably going to ask about an example, so for instance: What was the first (named) building created by humans? or To whom belonged the ships that are now scattered around the Crystal Desert?


    69, 44, 11

  • The Bone Palace

    Haiku (GW2 Spoiler)

    Contest Idea

    How about you have to defeat a challenge without using any of the skills you find on the pvx wiki (applies to heroes as well). E.g. hard mode Shiro, probably best to require a video of the run.


    4, 42, 89

  • Grothamr War Downs



    Contest idea

    Worst dye & Armour combinations

    A contest to decide who can make their character look the most ridiculous using only dye and Armour. We could have an official judge and post high res screen shots.

    RNG 17,46,62

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