Returning player can't log in

  • Hello all,

    I was an og GW player in ~2005. I probably last played in 2010. I'm trying to log into my account and am having zero luck. At first I was getting error 45, but now I don't remember what password actually got me logged in... and the password reset link is dead.

    What should I do? I put in a ticket under the GW2 Support website, but it hasn't been touched in a week. I'd love to log in and drown myself in some nostalgia (and open a TON of birthday minis), but I can't seem to make any progress.


  • Support is swamped at the moment for a few reasons. Unfortunately, this means it'll take at least 2-3 weeks before you can expect a response. The wiki indicates that error 45 means either you've violated the EULA somehow and that your account has been banned, or that your account is suspected to have been accessed by hackers. As such, you'd need to sort things out with support even if you were able to remember your login details. Only thing you can do now is wait.


  • My process wasn't easy either, you need to drill through several lines of support options, and there is a long turnaround. The end is worth it, as Im back in an account myself that was idle since probably '02.

    Be prepared to provide ALL keys associated with the account, make sure and create an account at (which is unique to your GW1 account) if you have not already done so. They will also ask you other more in depth questions to try and verify you are the real deal. Good luck!

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