q9 Str +30 -5 Kappa

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    I am toying with the idea of maxing Zrank so might sell this off to get funds and wanna know what I can expect although I am not sure just yet.

    I have had offers in the XXXa range but I don't have any ways to verify if they where true or justify the value of it.

    Thanks in advance wise ones :)

  • this is definitely in the xxx arm area, imo 200a+ but how far it can go can nobody tell yet^^

    edit: agree with red about zrank, u will regret it sooner or later if u rly let this beauty go (especially for a useless zrank)


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  • absolutely agree with hgt - it is an insanely rare skin at perf mods it'll get you a stack of arms, I suppose. Only an auction will tell more precisely.

    My advice: don't sell it, esp not for maxing zrank - there is nothing you could get that'd compare to this ;) (not even the zrank emote, go to kammy - many ppl have it, but I have never seen a kappa anywhere like this.)

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  • Yep. I agree with everyone else.

    That’s one of the sexiest r9 shields in existence. Truly world class. You can’t compare it to a z-rank title, especially in today’s market where the credit carders can buy r12 zaishen with daddy’s credit card 😡

    You just can’t sell it. It’s virtually peerless.

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  • I’d keep the shield. The only thing about zrank that is worth it, is that you get a max title, if you’re in to that sort of thing. Otherwise it's just a goldsink that after 20 000 clicks gives you an emote that doesn't even look that good, in my opinion. I'd sell something else if you really want the title! So, I agree with everybody else ;)

  • That is a nice shield, i would keep unless u were to get a good offer around the 150-200a range which seems high, i think you would be looking at the 100-150a range unless its needed for a collection.

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