Comprehensive OS Inherent shield Guide?

  • Hello!

    I've been trying to find a guide or list of all the possible +armor vs (x) for OS shields. Does anyone have a direction they could point me in or if anyone could just list what they know exists... I'd appreciate it!


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  • Hello

    The os shield vs creatures can come in the same options as slaying weapon mods

    In addition, shields can be vs Cold, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Slashing, Blunt, Piercing.

    I hope that helps


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  • I think its good to point out that from

    prophecies drops: Plant, Charr, undead, skeleton, dwarves, skeleton, trolls and tengu

    and from cantha drops: Dragons, plants, orges and demons

    Core areas like uw/fow have tyrian drop table.

    and the "normal 10ar mods" drop both campaings.