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  • My name ingame is Andrea Ghostwind,

    I am the one who traded the sword with Sawn, ingame name Sawn 1ow 1evel, for the price of 1750e + 1a. Nowadays I am a Gw2 player but I used to be a Gw1 player before. These Christmas offered me the possibility to link both accounts and I started to build my Hall of Monuments. I obtained that sword like in 2006 or so, winning the last chest in HoH. The sword was valuable before, I remember I could get like 500e those days. I decided to sell it so I can finish the rest of my achievments in the HoM. Before trading with Sawn I asked him if the price he/she was offering me was fair or not because I was a little bit out of the market. He/she told me that yes, that the price os 1750e was fair. I trusted him and I traded. A few minutes after some people started whispering me ingame and I realized I just got scammed. I have read people in the closed thread defending Sawn for getting a good deal....how you can defend that guys? This is just immoral. If he/she gets a good price like, for example the half of its market value, you can say: hey! good deal there, nice trading capabilities! But in this particular case, 1750e against a potential value of at least 500a = 35000e. This is not trading and negotiation, this a scamm as he took benefit of my ignorance and lied to me.

    Part of the fault here is also mine, as I am not a daily gw1 player anymore, he got me without the required alert. I should have double or triple checked. As I still think that this matter can be solved. I offer here, publicly, the possibility to Sawn of getting a good price for the sword and give me a fair price (as you told me ingame) for it. I do not pretend to get the full value Sawn, but at least something that is not considered a scamm and will also be profitable for you. My ingame name is Andrea Ghostwind. Thanks in advance.

  • I think this is funny, no, not the scam but that guy Sawn

    quick search in legacy showd hes IGN:

    And searching name on decltype almost all writings been claiming other ppl scammers, while now he is himself the one id guess xD


    Np for everyone who wants the IGN so can rebuy it for too cheap again without public sale xD

  • No doubt what Sawn did wasn't nice. (S)he took advantage of Andrea's impulsivity and laziness. But the impulsivity and laziness were Andrea's. This isn't the real world where there are complex social factors at play that legitimately disadvantage people and put them in difficult situations that they didn't create for themselves. This is a game where life is simple. And, Andrea, you messed up.

    Andrea, you were lazy and impulsive and you got taken for a ride. It's not fun but it's what happens. It's happened to me (looking back, so many mistakes!) but there's nobody but myself to blame. In this case, it's just on you.

    I'm sorry this happened to you, but it didn't just "happen to you". You made the decision to sell an item you knew was valuable without doing adequate research. That is a mistake. I've made the same mistake. Maybe Sawn will toss some armbraces your way. Maybe others will take up a collection to try and make you whole like they do when friends get hacked. I don't know. Both of those would be unusual results. What I know is that you messed up and it sucks.

    If there's a lesson here to be learned that saves you any kind of trouble is real life, then the price you paid will have been worth it. Sorry again for your loss. Many of us know that sting.

    The good news is that you went out there wanting to sell your sword to finish your HoM. And that's exactly what you did. Selling for the price you want is never a bad deal. I've gotten several items for much less than market value from people in your position. The only difference was that those people were knowingly selling cheap because they wanted to finish their HoM and they thought their items would have a good home with me (and they were right). Those people had knowledge and acted on the basis of their knowledge. You decided to not do that. Next time, please take the time to look for a legitimate collector. That sword belongs in the hands of someone who will give it a good home.

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  • Ofc he messed up. But how could he have any idea the buyer was trying to abuse him? Being away from the game more than 10 years. I won’t Start the « drama » about profit again, but there clrearly a difference of doubling your investment (which is , an AMAZING profit), and multiply it by 100. Max pointed it well, I doubt he cares about game or money anyway, he wanted to finish the hall. He was clear on that point. Tell me, how much % of hall can he complete with 1750e? XD

    With that sword , he could do it for serval account.

    Just take IRL example , find me any trade that gave 10.000% instant profit. Over years, ofc this amount could be reach, but we’re talking here of profit made in an area of 24h. Don’t take too long to search, laws are made to avoid such possibility , I wonder why..

    I hope this sawn guy will give you something back, who knows it’s Christmas time.

    IG: jacke l eventreur / Moi C Manon

  • When you wander out there cluelessly waving a sword like that, you're a sheep waiting for the wolves. To assume otherwise is just naive.

    What I think is more interesting about what you have to say is this idea (that you keep circling around but never make explicit) about there being a quantitative way of defining a scam. Do you think there is a certain profit margin that is acceptable and beyond that is a scam? You use a lot of hyperbole to try to make your point (10,000% profit!!! zOmFG!!), but is that what you really think?

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  • Knowledge is power. It always has been.

    Whilst it sucks that it happened to you, if you’d done even a tiny amount of research before accepting any offers you’d have known you had a lottery winning ticket.

    I’m in complete agreement with the Captain. Especially because you knew it was rare before you even started. It was a huge mistake, I think we can all agree on that. There has never been a culture of sympathy for the underinformed, and there have been multiple examples throughout Guildwars’ history of people selling themselves short because they didn’t do any homework. Every one of my own replies to price checks for valuable items has been the same advice - don’t get ripped off.

    However hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it even took other people asking you about it before you even realised your mistake. This is the precise reason myself and others started this website and the Facebook communities so that people had places they can go to to ask questions and seek expert advice before pulling the trigger, whether that is asking the best hero setup, or is my sword worth a bazillion ectos. Had you asked here, or on the Facebook groups you would have received proper advice on its worth and on how to go about selling it.

    I wish it had turned out better for you, I really do.

    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde

  • I have to say tho, asking PC here would probably gotten replies "its priceless" or "cannot be valued" which could've led to same situation if seller still didnt have any clue on even a range what to expect and looking just to sell fast without dragging it on auctions xD

  • I have to say tho, asking PC here would probably gotten replies "its priceless" or "cannot be valued" which could've led to same situation if seller still didnt have any clue on even a range what to expect and looking just to sell fast without dragging it on auctions xD

    Ya, that would have been my valuation 😉.

    But also with advice that’s it’s suoer rare, shouldn’t be sold quickly, should be listed for sale here on Legacy etc, and probably would have mentioned a lottery win too. Just because no actual numbers are given, a price check can still give a good indication of what to sell for, and how to do it.

    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde

  • Definitely not scam. I mean it’s exactly like people being trust as mod in some trade, who ran away with the money.

    I mean , the guy pressed OK , he agreed on giving X ectos, and the « mod » 0 in exchange.

    Both agree on that trade when they pressed yes.

    He just decided that the second action/trade planned wasn’t profitable for him.

    In conclusion : there are no scammers in gw, according to the way game was designed. Thx anet, i’ve Been blind all these years.

    I wish I had that sword too, much more worth than my soul. What is the purpose of soul anyway

    IG: jacke l eventreur / Moi C Manon

  • This is stupid.

    Scams involve intentional deception. The argument for this being a scam is in the fact that the seller asked the buyer if the price being discussed was fair.

    Otherwise, getting a good deal is not a scam.

    A trade mod running off with the loot is a scam. They modded under false pretenses and lied to everyone involved.

    This seller was lied to. That is the only argument I can see for this being a scam. Imagine being in that situation. Someone tells you they've selling that sword to finish their HoM. You ask them how much they need and they tell you. A deal is sitting there waiting to be done. You may never see another sword like this. What do you do? Honestly.

    People can make mistakes and don't need to blame someone else for their ignorance and poor decision making. Grow up.

  • Keep in mind, that the guy had been told by the buyer that the trade was fair. He still lied to him.

    And I disagree with the intentional deception. Ppl scam for profit, not to cause deception (ofc not ALL the time , but most ).

    Besides, what the hell is that supposed to mean : getting a good feel is not scam.

    Ok so you sell a fake painting to someone (telling it’s a real one ofc) , so he is happy getting a good price. This is not scam??? Cmon...

    and still , he offered ectos, you know that ectos isn’t the money used for these kind of weapon. This is the signature of a true dupery.

    IG: jacke l eventreur / Moi C Manon

  • You keep giving examples that involve intentional deception.

    Your (latest) confusion is that you think deception is the *point* of the scam. It's not. The point is profit. Deception is the *mechanism* of the scam, not its point our purpose.

    Add do you know what dupery means? Deception. There is absolutely no deception in offering ectos. It wad just a low offer. The offer progressed to the point of being a deal because of the seller's carelessness and impulsivity. Or maybe he thought he'd be happy top just finish his HoM but then changed his mobs after he found out that he couldn't gotten much more. Who knows? Offering ectos is not dupery.

    Sorry for the typo in my last post. I've fixed it to help save you from any further confusion...but there's only so much I can do. You're just very confused.

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  • Confused ?

    Seriously don’t lie to yourself. Why didn’t the guy offered same price in armbrace, or in zkey? Keep your blinkers and tell me « because, ectos is a nice and famous money used in Gw for trades ». Yeah, right, in 2005 it was indeed. Would you sell a panda for ectos tomorrow ? I don’t know why, but I have little doubts.

    About dupery, i’m Not English fist language, we have similar word in French duperie, which is another word for scam. Not deception.

    Anyway , I don’t see where is the intentional deception in the process of abusing ppl ignorance for profit. If I would be a scammer, my last care would be the deception of the guy.

    Maybe we’re facing some issues with language understanding here, with the true meaning of words, but I doubt it.

    The only goal we should try to reach is : was this trade fair or not? It wasn’t...! At any point. The guy got abused, robbed , scammed... whatever the words you wanna use. End of the story.

    EDIT : I think the language misunderstanding is on deception.

    If you pretend that in this trade, there wasn’t intentional deception, you’re extremely fun. Or sad. The ectos as money proves it.

    IG: jacke l eventreur / Moi C Manon

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  • It obviously got sold cheap we all know that but its also not the buyers responsibility to tell the seller that the item they are selling is worth way more..... i mean its like someone is offering to sell you a Rolex and you offer $500, and they accept. Meanwhile the thing is worth $20,000 i know alot of people who would take that deal.

    -You live and learn from your mistakes. Its always good to ask around or do some research before making a decision. Especially if you are unsure of something, whether it may be a game or IRL.

  • You didint get the point at all. It’s not about wether it happens or not irl. It’s a question of moral sens. Yeah, some ppl are evil, do bad things. Some are mureders... gz, it happens ! You’ve concluded it by yourself?

    The question is should we congratule this behaviors ?

    It seems that you think so.

    About the unsure point , about irl and game : gold sellers make it same categories. Stealing 800 arms (or so, according to pc) , is stealing 500€ to that same guy. Keep say it’s a game, and a fair trade.

    IG: jacke l eventreur / Moi C Manon

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