Best way to farm bladed shields?

  • Hi farmers! :)

    I want to start farming for a bladed shield, doesn't really matter how it is modded but i want it to be in gold rarity.

    What is the best way to farm for the Bladed shield? Minister cho HM, some chest run, something else???


    IGN: Axel Shadowreaper

  • Minister Cho's Estate (HM)

    Jaya Bluffs Feather Farm (HM)

    Panjiang Peninsula Naga Farm (HM)

    Waijun Basar Chestrun (NM for possible q8) (HM for more Gold)

    Nahpui Quarter Explorable Chestrun (NM for possible q8) (HM for more Gold)

    Raisu Palace Explorable Cestrun (HM for more Gold)

    Those are the Areas I'm searching for them :)

    I think another area could be Sunjiang District, Tahnnakai Temple and Pongmei Valley (but i never tested runs there)

    Best regards

  • Hands down the best place is A Chance Encounter HM. Farm that during favour and you'll see the gold drops pour in, and it has a high chance of the rarer factions skins (bladed/diamond/iridescent)