Quality of Life updates needed for GW1

  • Hello everyone,

    Mi name is Izzy i have been around Guild Wars since 2006, with more than 9,5k hours. After talking with people and experiencing what the game needs, this are my needed QoL changes for GW1:

    1) Limiting districts in PvP zones to International only: This will make it easier for people to join in partys and don`t feel the mode is dead. Nowadays you have to do a lot of research and there`s no in game advertisement of where to go. Ok HA is played in Id1, but Alliance Battle or FA are played on american district. I belive GW2 has something like this.

    2) Npc to find guilds and apply to join, specially specific language ones: How hard is when you come back into the game, and you are for example german but you need to be in the specific district and time to find the guild. This npc will show a list of guilds, with some information like members, faction, and language of guild. There are still a lot of players from all countries. Also if you wanna find an International guild but you don`t want to join idk... LGiT you will find more options.

    3) Global looking for group feature: back in the days when million of people where playing the game, it was easy to go to the city and find people. Nowadays you can`t be asked to be 24/7 in one city to find people to do an Speed clear or whatever you feel like. There are people wanting to do lots of things, but we just don`t have the tools to make recruitments. This will alow to have constant teams doing all kind of content. Just by cliking "P" and applying to any party.

    4) Show the Qs of the weapons when you link them on your team. People like to farm rare stuff, what`s the point of having a Q9 BDS or a Q13 BDS if when you click on party it would just say the name but not the actual Q. Also would be nice to be able to link other kind of items in chats.

    5) Getting back ladders in the website. This kind of ladder could also be implemented to RA, AB, HA and even PvE rankings. Who has more tittles? more minipets? more points in tittles? more records of doing dungeons in "X" time. Definetly a way of getting people involved in competing for things.

    6) *Optional* Having an automated rotations of game skill changes every X time. This doesn`t mean you need to make new balances, but rather take Metas that have been used in the past and automated them for a X month rotations. (Flux doesn`t apply to PvE and hasn`t prove good enough in PvP)

    7) *Optional* The game already shows support for the bigger language commuties it has. Which are English, German, Spanish and French. Removing all Russian, Polish, Italian, and even asia districts could be a thing. Also if the Guild npc that i have mentioned is in the game. Those people will still find guilds of their language to play with.

    Thanks for reading, if you like the changes give a like in the reddit post too so maybe Bill can find out, and comment below <3 : https://www.reddit.com/r/Guild…e_updates_needed_for_gw1/

  • Limiting district is nice, please make it only 1 "international" for all (pve,pvp) or at least max 3 District (int, eu & ad) should more than enuf... Since internet speed is already more stable than 10years ago from all overtheworld (nomore big ms lag issue) and ofc less player to find

    I disagree with weaponlink, it will remove the "Guildwars" where the only player who know what he's holding/using :D


  • OK so we'll find 30+ HA/RA bots in the district + I don't get the point to make a ladder for RA/HA/AB and even less for PVE XD

  • I would love if they resold all the bonus weapons like Canthan Shield & Glacial Blade.

    Patience is a virtue....But if you want to rupt 1/4 skills and beat bots that virtue is not meant for us...

  • That's the bad thing with the updates (not saying it with a bad manner) but everyone starts to want their own QoL's and ideas to add them and the Devs get overwhelmed etc,

    i would suggest to ppl not to have so high hopes it's only 2 Devs with limited time and sources, don't forget how long it took to implement the storage update it was nearly a year,

    i would prefer to fix the bugs first of all, backteleporting is still in the game, at least from what i understand the way that the server registers the movement it's bad, same thing like Path of Exile.

    From a programmers pov i would say that the #1 suggestion it will be easy,

    #2 i doubt it's even possible, if it was possible to hold that kind of data at server we could have Buyback at traders, Auction House and many more but from what i know it's not possible from the code, your idea is like World Of Warcraft Guild find tool i suppose ?

    #3 maybe it's possible if the Devs make a 3rd tab at Party Search and call it "Global" and add all the Outposts (now that i read it it's probably a programming hell),

    the rest is not true QoL's let's be honest, ladders ? man pvp is full of bots no reason to do that.

    Can anyone say to the Devs to update/remove suggestions that it's not going to happen from the Google doc please:


    imo from that google doc if the Devs wrote it, i would say that the most crucial is the moblagging, rubberbadding (i don't see it anymore dunno is fixed ?), the backteleporting is still in the game (not in the doc), some storage for minis/tonics, stackable runes/insignias, weapon mods and inscription trader.