PC Colossal scimitar q7 11-17

  • Hello everyone

    i really think it goes merch but... we never know :p

    i dropped a colossal scimitar q7 not max dmg insc 11-17 in NM

    im asking cause i didn t know it was even possible to drop this in NM

    So is it merch ? or any collector could be interested ?

    Thanks !

  • Hey,

    Even though I am one of the few collectors for low level items, I would only hold a post nerf q7 sword if max damage of 14-20.

    I am on the side of merching, but to answer your question, there may be a collector out there.

    As far as dropping in NM, this is an error in wiki, they can drop in NM. The also drop very rarely as q8 Max (only 4 known to exist that I have heard of) from the Moddock Crevice Mission in HM. Even though this is HM, the Corsairs in the beginning are level 20 even in HM.

    Sorry, more info than you asked for. So short answer after the long, I would merch.


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  • I am like the other collector for off max low reqs (lol) and I would agree with Chevy. Unlikely you could sell for anything sadly :(

    Random question: whats the gold value?

  • Hey thanks for the answers, its actually helpfull.

    And i did a mistake, damage are not 11 17 but 11 15

    Gold value is 96 golds

    That got me really interested in q8 :D im going to try moddock crevice 300 times :D

    thanks again !