quad's Storage Sale

  • Welcome to my Storage sale. I will keep this post updated.

    I cba pricing all items, but we will find a reasonable price if you are interested.

    IGN: Quad The Barbarian

    Golds inscribable:

    Silverwing Recurve Bow (q11)

    Embossed Aegis (q9 Strength)

    Brass Spear (q9 Spear Mastery)

    Guardian Spear (q9 Spear Mastery)

    Silver Boar Scepter (q9 Spawning Power)

    Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles (q9 Dagger Mastery)

    Talon Daggers (q9 Dagger Mastery)

    Embossed Scythe (q9 Scythe Mastery)

    Hornbow (q9 Marksmanship)

    Crude Daggers (q9 Dagger Mastery)

    Iridescent Aegis (q9 Motivation)

    Blazing Wing Wand (q9 Fire Magic)

    Igneous Maul (q9 Hammer Mastery)

    Solemn Spear (q9 Spear Mastery)

    Great Conch (q9 Tactics)

    Azure Shortbow (q9 Marksmanship)

    Raven Staff (q9 Spawning Power)

    Platinum Longbow (q9 Marksmanship)

    Dragon Spire Staff (q9 Inspiration Magic) x2

    Ruby Maul (q9 Hammer Mastery)

    Goldleaf Defender (q9 Motivation)

    Astral Staff (q9 Energy Storage)

    Winged Axe (q9 Axe Mastery)

    Sephis Axe (q9 Axe Mastery)

    Grim Scythe (q9 Scythe Mastery)

    Greater Jagged Reaver (q9 Axe Mastery)

    Jeweled Chalice (q9 Inspiration Magic)

    The Bison Cup

    Wayward Wand (q9 Inspiration Magic) - Sold to: Agent Chevy (25e)


    Shadow Bow (q9) No bonus

    Shadow Bow (q9 15^50) - Sold (18e)

    Icy Dragon Sword (q9 15^50) - Sold to: xiouNaiw (5e)


    Joff's Focus

    Prismatic Staff

    Maul of the Hierophant

    Korshek's Scepter

    Kaolin Wand

    Illyana's Staff

    Victo's Blade

    Galigord's Stone Scroll

    Ceremonial Daggers

    Zoldark's Rod

    Divine Shadow Staff

    Villnar's Claw

    Kepkhet's Refuge

    Forgotten Fan

    Stoneherder's Flatbow

    Drago's Vampiric Flatbow (x2)

    Rose Focus

    The Trickster

    Wroth's Icon

    Grognar's Blade

    Fendi's Staff (x2)

    Brohn's Staff - Sold (5e)

    Vokur's Staff - Sold (5e)

    The Rockmolder - Sold to: xiouNaiw (5e)

    Menzes' Ambition - Sold (21e)

    Stygian Daggers - Sold (16e)

    The Stonehart - Sold to: xiouNaiw (5e)

    Victo's Bulwark - Sold (5e)


    Shield of the Wing (q8 Tactics/AR16) - Sold to: xiouNaiw (100e)

    Reinforced Buckler (q7 Tactics/AR15) - S/B: 1a

    Lotus Shield (q7 Strength/AR15) - S/B: 25e

    Elite Tomes:

    Mesmer, Paragon (x2), Elementalist, Assassin (x2), Ranger (x6), Necromancer (x4), Monk


    Necromancer (x6), Dervish (x3), Assassin (x4), Monk (x4), Elementalist (x10), Warrior (x10), Ritualist, Ranger (x6), Paragon (x3), Mesmer

    Mods (all perfect):

    Wand Wrapping of Memory (x2), Quickening (x2).

    Hale (x2), Swift (x3), Insightful (x5) Staff Head.

    Focus Core of Aptitude (x2), Fortitude.

    Staff Wrapping of Mastery (x2).

    Zealous (x3), Furious Axe Haft.

    Axe Grip of Defense, Enchanting

    Bow Grip of Deathbane (x2).

    Furious (x2), Zealous (x2), Vampiric Dagger Tang.

    Zealous (x2), Vampiric Bowstring.

    Silencing, Sundering Spearhead.

    Spear Grip of Enchanting, Warding

    Sundering Scythe Snathe

    Scythe Grip of Enchanting

    Furious, Zealous Hammer Haft

    Dagger Handle of Enchanting

    Sword Pommel of Dragonslaying, Fortitude

    Furious, Vampiric, Sundering (x2) Sword Hilt


    Forget Me Not

    Have Faith (x2)

    Not the face!

    Hale and Hearty (x2)

    Guided by Fate

    I have the power

    Let the Memory Live Again (x2)

    Sheltered by Faith

    Don't Think Twice (x2)

    Strength and Honor (x4)

    Sleep Now in the Fire

    Minis (unded):

    Bone Dragon

    Prince Rurik (x2)


    Dagnar Stonepate

    Water Djinn

    Flame Djinn



    Candysmith Marley


    Sugary Blue Drink (x9)

    Krytan Brandy (x3)

    Elixir of Valor (x5)

    Golden Egg (x47)

    Candy Corn (x120)

    Pumpkin Cookie (x75)

    Champagne Popper (x7)

    Candy Apple (x99)

    Shamrock Ale (x7)

    Honeycomb (x43)

    Chocolate Bunny (x23)

    Slice of Pumpkin Pie (x32)

    Transmogrifier Tonic (x18)

    Aged Hunter's Ale (x20)

    Mysterious Tonic (x50)

    Hunter's Ale (x28)

    Jar of Honey (x20)

    Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale

    Four-Leaf Clover (x25)

    Hard Apple Cider (x13)

    Bottle Rocket (x9)

    Sparkler (x4)

    Everlasting Razah, Vekk Tonic

    Materials (stacks)

    Wood Planks (x5)

    Bolts of Cloth


    Deldrimor Armor Remnant (x2)

    Droknar's Key (x4)

    Amulet of the Mists

    Book of Secrets

    FoW Scrolls (x49)

    Monumental Tapestry (x16)

    Victory Token (x12)

    Obsidian Key (x58)

    Phantom Key (x5)

    Gift of the Traveler (x20)

    Powerstone of Courage (x4)

    Trade Contract (x8)

    Lunar Token (x6)

    Tapestry Shred

    Hammer of Kathandrax

    Alkar's Concoctions

    Bison Championship Token (x4)

    Candy Cane Shard (x52)

    Dungeon Map (x2)

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  • Shadow Bow (q9) No bonus 3e

    Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles (q9 Dagger Mastery) 5k

    Kepkhet's Refuge 5k

    Tapestry Shred 5k

    Bison Championship Token (x4) 500g each

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