New wanderer in a strange world - Class choice question

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    I am completely new in guild wars 1, just jumped in after playing GW2 ocassionaly. I must say i really understand the appeal, and i regret that i had not a chance to play this gem earlier. I had move really good time testing few characters, even doing LDoA on my Mesmer. But now, after i jumped to post searing i feel, like this class is not for me, maybe because i am still locked from many skills, maybe because i don't understand game enough. point is, i am kinda disappointed with my choice. That's why i am considering starting anew, but now i kinda wanted gather more information. I also tried to look for some recommended builds, but that made me even more undecided than before. That's why i decided to ask there, what i should choose as my character?
    There's list of my goals with gw1:

    First, i want to experience most, if not all story and content of gw1, then do GWAMM/HoM rewards

    I would like to play rather more straighforward than complicated class, at least for the start.

    Because my playtime is highly irregular and i don't have anyone to drag with me to this particular gmae, i would rather aim for solo play with heroes/henchmen.

    Because i am more inclined to stick with single characted, due to my completionist nature, i would like to versatile character, with at least few viable different builds to choose from. It would be perfect, if i could use this class to play at least some time with every other class as secondary, but just having decend melee and caster build will be good enough.

    Speedclears, Hard Mode or min-maxing/optimising my char isn't my real goal here, unless it is required to complete GWAMM/HoM rewards and i don't know about it. That being said I might decide to do something like that later, if i stick long enough, so that being a choice would be nice too. I am just willing to give up that point.

    If just playing support/tank for my heroes is a decent option, and not something, which will make my playtime harder than necessary i am ok with playing something like that too.

    Besides that i want to ask if there are any places, where i can find guides, gather some info or just learn about the game? So far i know only about PvX. Also is there any active guild wars guild, even if only just to chat once in a while?

    As a bonus, my first accomplishment here.

  • Mesmer is pretty gg and has build variety options. But if you want simple but a choice of running melee or caster I think assassin might make more sense.

    Judging by that presearing skillbar, even with presearing's limited skill selection, your troubles with mesmer are due to not being very experienced at the game and that is ok. I played an Illusionary Weaponry mesmer build for a couple years. Its a mesmer melee build.

    Can play assassin as dagger spam which is pretty simple hard striking melee damage with some aoe splash.


    Assassin's Promise caster that summons ebon vanguard assassin support and norn damage shouts.

    You can get pretty weird on sin too with its often forgotten caster attributes.

    Before you give up on mesmer you should pickup some of the post searing mesmer skill quests in Ascalon. In the ruined Ashford Abbey there is a new named town called Sardelac Sanitarium where you can talk to Vassar to get more quests and skills. After the first quest you get a spell called Chaos Storm which will help you out quite a bit.

    For everything guild wars,

  • Definelty as person above mentioned it would be good to try Mesmer with more skills. Every profession wouldn’t be that enjoyable with starting bar. Mesmer is rly fun and great for gwam. On the other hand maybe you should try other type of class. My fav core class is warrior but right now I’m enjoying my paragon. The class that would be pretty versatile IMO is dervish instead of sin. Assassin is very squishy and instead of plying ap spam sin, mesmer is much more fun as caster.

    Edit. Also maybe look on some armor/weapon looks to see which style you would like.

    PS. It’s hard to stick to only one character in gw so maybe try some classes before picking one for GWAM ;)

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  • All professions have at least one build that is straightforward and powerful and, since you already have 1 maxed title on your Mesmer, I suggest you keep going for GWAMM on that character. And GWAMM will most definitely require you to finish most of the content in HM and think about how to optimize your builds.

    Since you plan on playing solo most of the time, I suggest you don't bother trying the Monk (few offensive options) nor the Dervish (which can be annoying to play in areas with a lot of enchantment removal).

    Since you want a profession that is good at melee and at casting, then you may want to try the Assassin and the Ritualist, but I still think you should stick with your Mesmer.