What is the highest location in gw? (closed)

  • I need some help brainstorming for locations where you can attack enemies from higher up with a bow, in order to see how elevation difference affects damage. Keep in mind there must be a line of sight from top to bottom within longbow range. Bonus points if the enemies are close to lvl20/armor60.

    So far I've come up with the following:

    - the bridge in Divinity Coast

    - the tree bridge in Sage Lands

    - the lift in Arborstone

    - the wooden turtle in Gyala


  • -Talus chute, right outside Ice cave of sorrows, there is a cliff, if you keep going north (not in the ice) there is another spot by the bridge

    -Snake dance, north part there is some Tundra Giants in a slope

    -Urgoz bridges

    -Plagueborn side in the Undercity

  • You can easily create your own hostile bone fiends level 20 with 60 armor with veratas aura and contemplation of purity on a hero

  • Also a high Point in the game. The background of Eredon Terrace



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  • Speaking of snake dance, by the door to grenths, is the lower area where the phantoms are in longbow range from up top? You could flag a hero down there to pop them up.

    Also, the Bunnyhole in drakkar lake.

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