CLOSED - OS Q9 items

  • Horn bow is dragon or shard skin?

    As previous poster said : post it for sale and see if a bid war happens. Some q9 15-1 items went for crazy over value because of bidwar. When it's shard skin I would say 50e is allrdy a fair price. When dragon version 75-100e seems normal. BUT these items when bidwarsed allrdy went for like 400e. So yeah a sale will show at the end and no one can predict if a bidwar happens or not.

    Oni daggers lost a lot of their value in the last times would say 5-10e for the stance Version

    Amber aegis I also won't expect crazy numbers. It's stance + bleed. The skin also lost a lot of its shine and prestige due to known issues and reasons. Still its q9 Max duo mod and the skin has its lovers. 25e - 50e seems reasonable in my opinion.

    Gl for the sale (if u wanna sell) :)


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