OS Summer Sale

  • No inscription (OS)

    r9 15^50


    Dadao Sword

    Crenellated Sword

    Wicked Blade

    War Axe

    Gothic Axe

    Dragoncrest Axe

    Archaic Axe

    Clouded Maul

    Platinum Sickles

    Half Moon

    r10 15^50

    Jade Axe

    Summit Hammer

    Oni Daggers

    Ironwing Flatbow

    r9 +5e

    Long Sword

    Short Sword

    Magmas Arm


    Half Moon

    r10 +5e

    Morning Star Axe

    Great Axe

    Zodiac Hammer

    Melon Hammer

    r9 20v50

    Spiked Axe

    Twin Hammer

    Flatbow (wooden)

    Ironwing Flatbow

    r9 15wS

    Wingblade Sword

    Hand Axe (Tyrian)

    Golden Maul


    r9 15wE Aureate Daggers

    r9 14^50 Eternal Bow (purple)

    r9 14^50 Mursaat Hammer (purple)

    r9 13^50 Mursaat Hammer (purple)

    r10 FDS 15/-1e (DZ)

    r10 15^50 Storm Bow

    r11 15^50 Storm Bow

    r11 Oni Daggers 15^50


    r9 str Eternal Shield -2wS, +44wS

    r9 tac Diamond Aegis -2wS, +44wS

    r9 tac Iridescent Aegis -2wS, +44wS

    r9 str Zodiac Shield +10 vs. Slashing (mono-mod)

    r10 tac Zodiac Shield -2wS, -20% Weakness

    r10 str Eternal Shield +29, -2wE

    r10 tac Emblazoned Defender +30, -2wS

    r11 str Emblazoned Defender +30, -2wE

    r11 str Eternal Shield +45wE, -2wS (mixed)

    r11 str Eternal Shield +10 vs. undead, +43wS

    r12 str Eternal Shield +10 vs. Slashing, +43wS

    r12 str Magmas Shield -2wS, +44wS

    r12 str Eternal Shield -2wE, -20% Crippled

    r12 str Embossed Aegis +10 vs. Cold, -2wE

    r13 str Zodiac Shield -2wS, +10 vs. Ogres

    r13 tac Skeleton Shield -3wH, +30


    r10 Ghostly Staff 20/20 air

    r9 Earth Staff 20/20 (crystallized) - C/O 5e by Arcal Minuit

    r10 Smiting Staff 20/20

    r9 Platinum Staff 20/10 blood

    r9 Forbidden Staff 20/10 water

    r9 Forbidden Staff 20/10 SP

    r9 Forbidden Staff 20/10 blood

    r9 Jade Staff 20/10 DF

    r9 Jade Staff 20/10 chan

    r10 Zodiac Staff 20/10 air

    r10 Ghostly Staff 20/10 SP

    r9 Zodiac Staff 20/20 chan/illu (mixed)

    Wands and Focus

    r9 Air Wand +5e^50, 10% HCT

    r12 illu Zodiac Scepter 20% HSR smiting, +5wE (mixed)

    r9 Grim Cesta +5a/-5e, 20% HCT death (gauntlet)


    Eternal Shield r9 mot

    Eternal Shield r10 str

    Ghostly Staff r10 water

    Ghostly Staff r11 air

    Ghostly Staff r13 communing

    Ghostly Staff r13 blood

    Shield of the Wing r9 tac

    Exalted Aegis r9 str

    Exalted Aegis r9 mot (400g)

    Emblazoned Defender r9 tac

    Vabbian Tower Shield r9 mot

    Aureate Aegis r9 com

    Sun and Moon Shield r9 tac

    Guardian of the Hunt r9 tac

    Platinum Blade r9

    Vertebreaker r9

    Long Sword r9

    Sai r9 (purple)

    Spiked Club r9

    Ivory Bow r9

    Mursaat Hornbow r9

    Suntouched Scythe r9

    Water Staff r9 (Canthan)

    Arcane Scepter r9 FC

    Wayward Wand r9 SP

    Serpentine Scepter r9 SR

    Zodiac Scepter r9 SR

    Zodiac Scepter r9 insp

    Pronged Fan r9 DF

    Pronged Fan r9 SR

    Pronged Fan r9 SP

    Pronged Fan r9 insp

    Straw Effigy r9 FC

    Grim Cesta r9 death (claw)

    Protective Icon r8/12e (blue)

    Chimeric Eye r6/11e (blue)


    Kanaxai's Axe

    Kanaxai's Edge

    Kanaxai's Mallet

    Drago's Vampiric Flatbow

    Tanzit's Defender - C/O 2e by Forty Second Rogue

    Grognar's Defender

    Malinon's Shield

    Malinon's Malign Hammer

    Gardock's Staff

    The Brimstone

    The Stonehart

    The Yakslapper

    The Thundermaw

    The Soulwailer

    Milius' Pillar

    Cyndr's Edge

    Liam's Lantern

    Tattered Fan

    Prismatic Staff

    Bogroot Focus

    Hidesplitter's Spear

    Pywatt's Talons

    Ungues of the Oni

    Bei Chi's Bulwark

    20% Slaying Mods

    Bow: Undead, Tengu, Plants, Giants, Demons, Trolls

    Sword: Undead, Tengu, Dragons

    Axe: Undead, Plants, Demons

    Hammer: Undead, Giants

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  • q9 15^50 Grinning Dragon Axe 15e :)


    IGN: Mr Clean Value

    :!: Important: Please if i win an auction/or u want to sell me an item write me an PM so we can organize the Trade :!:

    ...................................................................( Thanks for understanding and appreciate the help <3 )......................................................................................................

    "Keep it clean!" 🧽💦

    WTB: x00g - Clean Value items - 360g Roundshield - 256g RAM-hammer - Waterwand with 20/20 Fire