Dual Reduction Shields

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    Have made a start on this one but If anybody has a long memory that reaches back to when these dropped and has additional info like where & when or how they where used would love to add.

    Possible skins:

    1 - Aegis

    2 - Crude

    3 - Defender

    4 - Ornate Buckler

    5 - Reinforced Buckler

    6 - Round Shield

    7 - Shield of the Wing

    8 - Skeleton Shield

    9 - Skull Shield

    10 - Tall Shield

    11 - Tower Shield

    12 - Wooden Buckler

    13 - Magmas Shield

    14 - Stone Summit Shield

    15 - Summit Warlord Shield

    16 - Eternal Shield

    17 - Shadow Shield

    Possible mods:

    (In addition to the -2 stance that is always present)

    Received physical damage:

    -1 (while Enchanted)

    -2 (while Enchanted)

    -2 (while Hexed)

    -3 (while Hexed)

    -2 (chance 6-10%)

    -3 (Chance 6-10%)

    -4 (Chance 15-20%)

    -5 (Chance 15-20%)

    Examples of Golds:

    Examples of purples:

    Would be nice to catalogue all known or active dual reds so if you have one (or many) post them here. I'm sure some come with with a story ;)

  • *Puts "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" on in the background*

    (Google it if you're too young or otherwise emotionally barren. You can debate amongst yourselves if Kromp is Julio Iglesias and I am Willie Nelson, or vice versa. )

    I've held many of these wondrous creations through the years, reaching back to the time before their damage-mitigating powers were limited to physical damage. There was always something...different...about them. I couldn't really put my finger on it but I knew they were special. This is best exemplified by my relationship with this particular shield:

    I've held this guy since my days on storage hill in Ascalon. Since before I knew that a dual-reduction shield was called a dual-reduction shield. Those were the days before hammers. These were the days of Bonetti's Defense and Mending and Healing Breeze. Wammos were always in stances. The mods on this shield could help you anytime, so I called it "The Anytime Shield". With a nickname like that, an item is bound be close to my heart, and it is.

    As a bonus, The Anytime Shield happens to be a beautiful example of the Ornate Buckler which, thanks to its Eternia-esque (Google that too if you need to), was my original favorite shield skin. I've been lucky enough, together with Kromp, to hold onto a couple other examples all this time:

    How delightful!

    When considering such old objects I can't help but think of old friends.

    tooburns was collecting his warlords around the time Kromp and I were gathering funds for other things. I knew if I ran across a nice Warlord I could bring it to him for some financial aid, but somehow he never got this guy, probably one of the finest examples of dual reduction around:

    I know I sold Toobs an equally-sweet "anytime" version and I hope he comes to let us all see it here.

    Speaking of old friends, dual reduction shields cannot be mentioned without thoughts of MaxBorken dancing through my head. At times he has been called third brother or the triplet...and at other times he has been called other things. He is the undisputed king of dual reduction shields. His Magnum Opus will either be posted or linked in this thread by necessity. Without it, and without Max, the history of these items is completely incomplete.

    Max was kind enough in the not-too-distant past to guide this masterpiece in my direction. That opportunity left me significantly depleted in bracelets but a price must be paid for such beauty

    Finally, as many of you know, we are a guild of tradition and ritual. Of gentlemen and leisure. Baubles and doodads adorn Teh Hall. I present to you the PhD guild ashtray:

    I've gone on long enough. I'll leave the rest to Julio or Willy or whoever that other guy is. Enjoy.