Remembering lost gamer friends

  • I recently had a gamer friend pass on and know it has to be a common experience for so many of us. I'd love to hear your stories about your friends even if they didn't die maybe they just moved on to other games and you lost contact. Tell me about your friends share as much or as little as you like.

    My friend played a lot of games with me I even convinced him to play guild wars before guild wars 2 came out. He loved lore and would always take so much extra time and watch every cut scene. I used to think that was so annoying but he always knew the answers to my questions about the story. He made up stories for all of his characters and managed to connect them all through all of the worlds he played in. He even had a story that made sense for Minecraft. He really was super talented at story telling.

  • My alts guild was a guild i made for a friend who was sick of guild recruiters. She and I had an ally and chatted thru ally chat. I always had my alt pre storage parked in her guild, so sometimes chat channels got confusing. Mostly she recycled elementalists in presearing, but we played everywhere. I helped her prep her HoM for gw2, which neither of us liked a ton, but we tried to keep up with it. Mostly while we played we were busy chatting, so having heros hench in gw helped.

    She had leukemia, and passed away half a decade or so ago.

    My alt is still in her guild.

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  • Not Guild Wars related however I used to play Dayz in the South African community back when I lived there. I met a great guy called Hellsing so friendly and nice. We played for a bit until one night we logged off as usual and then the next day his wife had called me saying he passed away last night due to a DUI driver getting him.

    Seeing him not online in many years on steam makes it very sad.

    I miss him