Deathless GWAMM "Silverman"

  • Decided to do a softer version of the traditional ironman mostly because I really dislike prophecies and didn't want to start there. Make the target GWAMM with no deaths. Already did this once on a Para but wasn't Ironman. Didn't have all the parameters figured out when I started so kinda made it up as I went along.

    Ended up with this:

    - No storage / material Storage

    - no dying (obviously ^^)

    - No other players in party (Includes teaming up with other ironman players) - Wanted to do this solo

    - No Player to player trading

    - No /bonus

    - No mercenary heroes

    - Heroes to only use skills player has unlocked and ignoring account unlocks

    - Summoning stones and consumables allowed but have to be obtained within the rules. (Not used any yet)

    - Skill tomes allowed but have to be obtained within the rules. (Not used any yet) Realised this is completely pointless. No tomes, everything needs to be unlocked / capped.

    - Can use all traders including from Guild hall

    - Can do content in any order / start in any campaign.

    Went for Mesmer in Nightfall after not really thinking it though cause didn't really know where I was going with it, in hindsight would have probably gone ranger.

    Progress so far:

    Nightfall Finished with a few missions to redo for masters. Didn't have to many problems apart from capping Energy Surge from Yammiron, Ether Lord which turned out to be a lot harder than I presumed with such limited heros and gear. (Caused a death on the first attempt of this, wasn't happy)

    EOTN almost done just waiting to do Destruction Depths. Went to EOTN at lvl 10 as you would expect to grab much needed heroes and XP and soon discovered my team was getting smashed so went back to Nightfall until I was better prepared.

    Factions I'm up to Altrumm Ruins, no issues so far..

    Prophies I've been to LA and walked to a few close by towns, will soon being heading down to Droks through the snake.

    Overall I've been playing pretty cautious, killing additional problem agro first, flagging heroes and microing skill for the more challenging fights. Without pcons and a perma +300hp from Feel No Pain as I had previously its easy to take a few big hits and you in danger of losing that survivor. Has been a few dashes to guild hall already.

    Currently using this wepset and meeting the req on shield for extra armor. Spear is from NF treasure and shield was a drop from eotn. Also found somewhat of a high energy set in this cane.

    Did lots of secondary quests early on for gold, XP and fun. That extra time in low level areas yielded some cool drops:

    Not all that useful to me but was nice to see anyway. Few gold drops so far and nothing much worth mentioning, did get a longbow for pulling and Koss has a choice of swords....

    Would encourage others to try this version of "ironman", I'm really enjoying it. Has the fun of resource management that Ironman brings, the challenge of working for everything you need and the scary parts of not dying without the horrible prophecies with hench bit :)

    Will do a quick run down of hero builds and gear at some point soon.

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  • Update on progress:

    - Finished EOTN, handed book in for dwarven

    - Finished Factions (11/13)

    - Made a few consets, mostly to save space as materials started to pile up

    - Capped SoS, ST and Icy Veins

    - Grabbed Xandra from fighting tournament

    - Spend most of my gold unlocking skills for heroes
    - Completed a couple ZBs

    - Walked to a few more towns in Prophies, about to head down to Sanctum Cay and start missions.

    Only two noteworthy drops. Ecto from wondering around UW after finishing the Charged Blackness ZB. Also did an Arachni's and got a black dye at the end which would be nice but its only worth 1g these days :(

    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters

  • deal.gif?raw=1

    ...Ok only 2 titles are from this toon and others are account wide but its a milestone nonetheless :)

    - Grabbed a Dom Wayward after finishing Factions

    - Started HM EOTN missions

    - Using "Light of Deldrimor" while doing some dungeons got me good amount of gold, lockpicks and rare materials from hidden treasures

    - Farmed Warden Horns and exchanged for Lotus staffs for several heroes

    - Upgraded main heroes to +41hp runes

    - Farmed this weeks nick hoping to get some summoning stones from gifts, worked out ok

    - Got my first green drop from Oolas chest, unlikely ill be using it though :(

    - Got a 20% "Forget Me Not" which can use when I find a nice offhand (Although maybe not cause I still like having a shield tbh)

    Plan going forward is:

    - Slowly upgrade heroes with better runes and weps when I can

    - Work through Proph NM missions

    - Do as many daily Zaishen activities as I can for rewards and stacking up gold coins for bigger bags

    - Nick farm each week for goodies

    - Don't die ;)

    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters

  • i thought of a possible compromise between this and ironman.

    I brainfarted calling it "Console Wars" where its basically this, but a set number of lives, 3 or something like an OS side-scroll game.

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  • i thought of a possible compromise between this and ironman.

    I brainfarted calling it "Console Wars" where its basically this, but a set number of lives, 3 or something like an OS side-scroll game.

    Good idea but I have restarted this as deathless (for now..) 15 hours in, update to come soon.

    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters

  • Here we go again. Almost 22 hours in with very little afk in town and good progress being made. Same plan as previous with slight alterations to team setup and more caution when I hit HM planned.


    - 4 more EOTN missions left (may hold off on DD and ATFH until team is better)

    - Made a start on factions after just going KC for skills, currently at Dragons Throat

    - Ran from LA to ToA

    - Good way through Nightfall, currently at Gate of Desolation

    Trying to keep a record of all gold drops. Had a good amount so far but nothing super useful yet.

    - Grabbed Xandra and Olias

    - As before done lots of side quests for early xp, trophies, drops, rep and skills

    - Spent 500g making max armor pink ;)

    - Mostly using pretty bad collector weapons, will be working on upgrading them

    - Hero's have most skills I want but missing some elites

    - Hero's have basic runes but most gold gone towards unlocking skills so far

    - Capped Esurge, Ineptitude, BiP.

    - Had great luck with lockpick drops since I hit EOTN and retains been crazy so hopefully chests will provide something good soon

    - Still need 1 more map piece and I get 3 inventory slots back

    - Only had 1 real heart attack moment, running though vlox and forgot about the ball. Hero's wiped behind me and I dashed to GH just in time =O

    Immediate todo list:

    - Get to The Granite Citadel and cap Keystone Signet

    - Finish Factions and cap Soul Twisting

    - Make a start on Nick farming

    - Where possible do Zaishen daily and start stacking up zcoins

    - Finish NF and unlock Razah

    - Don't do anything that makes my hp go to 0 :)

    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters

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  • Update on progress:

    - Finished Nightfall (20/20, handed book in for LB)

    - Unlocked Razah (Now a mes)

    - Grabbed remaining NF Treasure

    - Capped Crippling Anguish to help with a few missions

    - Finished EOTN (handed book in for Delver)

    - Lots of EOTN side quests for skills and rep

    - Been farming CoF and Bloodstone for cons materials and LoD loot

    - Ran to Droks / Copperhead mines and capped Keystone

    - Up to Tanhnnakai Temple in Factions

    - Hero's slowly getting better runes and equipment, still running Majors for now as Superior Domination = 16k from trader :(

    - Had almost 30 gold drops this week, mostly from chests as the lockpicks still being kind. Most of little help but was super happy to finally see a gold Elonian Blade

    and gold Polymock will make GW Pokémon easier

    - Weirdest one was getting a hammer from a section of wall ^^

    Decided to go far more safety this time and let hero's sort the damage out so primary build is this:

    Using Artificer' Insignia's so have a serious amount of armor at all times and Signet of Stamina = 800+ HP without help from weapon set.

    Throwing in some damage/rupts on key targets but mostly focused on staying alive and hero micro.

    Will be getting another armor set and switching to more offensive build when required.

    Todo List:

    - Finish Factions and Cap ST/SoS

    - Make a start of proph missions and outpost running

    - Farm some drunk / sweet / party from Wintersday in July

    - Find a Top Left map piece :rolleyes:

    - Stay alive ;)

    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters

  • Update on progress:

    - Got hero's 90% where I want them. Mesmer's got superior runes now, almost all skills I want I have and weapons aren't entirely terrible.

    - Factions is completed (9/13)

    - 7/25 on prophecies missions (trying to get explorer during)

    - Done some running around to factions and prophecies towns

    - Trying to do the daily Zaishen HM mission and vanquish so a few on each campaign been done

    - Close to getting survivor, only another 100k to go :)

    - Drops almost completely dried up, had only a handful of golds in the last 20 hours and nothing useful

    - Main hero setup is as you would expect, few things get swapped in and out depending on what I'm doing

    Todo List:

    - Finish remaining Factions NM missions

    - Finish prophecies so I can do the HM content

    - Keeping going with the Zaishen daily activities + start combining bounty's with skills capping

    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters

  • Update on progress:

    - 7 Titles maxed now (4 account wide)

    - Prophecies completed (12/25)

    - Rank 5+ on Delver, Norn, Agent, Asuran so buffs and skills are 100% now

    - 5 EOTN vanquishes finished while it was double points

    - Got another armor set for when I'm using different builds

    - Hero's got a few weapon mod upgrades from drops

    - Got nick gifts / farmed seeds for next week

    Todo List:

    - Run to Ascalon and Jungle towns

    - Finish remaining prophecies missions

    - Keep grinding those gold zcoin

    - Have less of these situations:



    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters