Inscribable Gloom shield Q8 research

  • Hello, I am researching information about obtaining a Gloom Shield Q8.

    Can you please share any information you might have to help me ?

    So far, I have tried several spots including :
    -Demon spawn on Poghan
    -Suitor, Wraith, and Smoke Phantom in Halloween Quest
    -Bone Fiends in Jaga Moraine
    -A quest at Hivernal named 'A Good Deed'
    -Demon in Olias quest (It drop some Os items)

    Additionally, I have checked the German wiki which mentions Incubus are on the demon familly wich mean is possible to drop Gloom Shields on it.

    Lastly, I have tried a chest run in Kourna with a Margonite spot, but Margonites do not drop Gloom Shields or any endemic items.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide about the current availability and location of the Gloom Shield Q8. Your feedback will be very helpful in my research.

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  • how long did you test on the spots you already mentioned aka how sure are we that those are not the ones?

    I made it to the tag list!!! :mouse:

    To gather more data on the next spots, I enlisted the help of some friends and paid them to assist me.

    For the Demon Spawn in Pogahn mission, my friends and i have done around 700-1000 runs (4000-7000 Demons spawns killed). (0 Gloom drop any req)

    For Suitor, Wraith, and other foes in the 'Til Death Do Us Part...' quest, my friends and I have done a significant amount of runs.(0 Gloom drop any req)

    For Bone Fiends in Jaga Moraine, while we have limited personal experience, there have been lot of players killing them over the years without any Gloom Shield drops. Additionally, the fact that the foes are level 18 and can drop items at different requirements suggests that they are not a reliable source for the Gloom Shield Q8.

    Regarding the Hivernal quest, while I have personally done few runs and my experience is not a good indicator, several people on the "Does it exist" thread have tried to farm it to get some Underworld skins, but nobody has reported getting a Gloom Shield Q8 from these foes. (Maybe this spot can be good).

    It is possible that the demon at the end of Olias's quest can drop a Gloom Shield OS Q8 as the foes are level 20, but it would require further testing to confirm this.

    For the incubus spot, my friends and I have conducted runs when we have had the time, and while we have obtained some Reinforced Defender and Bucklers, we have not yet obtained a Gloom Shield from this spot. (The spot is located in Bloodstone Caves levels 1 and 2).

    While I haven't opened many chests during my margonite chest run in Kournan, I've made an effort to farm margonite, but I haven't seen a Gloom Shield drop yet. Additionally, I asked a friend about the margonite foes in Domain of Anguish, but they don't recall ever seeing a Gloom Shield drop from them.

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  • An important thing for the plausible deduction of drops "in this genre".

    Let's take an example, why do NF Dryder drop skins that you can also have on these monsters and available only in the Underworld? (Ghostly, Eternal) And also why do Titan drop Magmas also in NF? But above all, why, in most cases, do monsters that are "recycled" in this way for a quest or another campaign not drop the skins that were originally dropped?

    When creating the instance concerned (development), monsters are linked to certain skins. Those that are specific to them and those that are linked to the region and campaign concerned. In some cases, however, this has not been coded correctly, or, to put it another way, has not been updated properly.

    For example, the Hallowen quest in 2010: Commandeering a Mortal Vessel, saw bugs on weapons. Idem for NF's Dryder and Titan saw Prophecies' original weapons made available to NF in inscr. version.

    If you're looking for other skins with this potential bug, you shouldn't be looking for monsters directly linked to this skins (e.g. demons), but for those that "bug". Just find the skin, even in blue, to confirm it (not only gold in this case, as far as inscr. versions are concerned as opposed to their no inscr. versions), it's not that difficult. Insisting on 10,000 monsters and averaging them out is pointless.

  • I understand that, some of the monsters are just copy/pasted i guess, just changed skin, lol. Im aware of these so called bugged monsters and their drops.

    I quess im on a hunt for different monster from now on. xD

  • To complete my previous message:

    In the case of the Halloween quest, even if they were chests, the principle remains the same, you have 2 cases:

    - (Halloween) Weapons originally from a campaign with inscr. weapons (EOTN for this quest) can be obtained in a campaign with not inscr. weapons. This causes the same bug as for PvP weapons with triple bonuses. The inscription adds up as 3rd bonus that cannot be changed or editable (fixe).

    - (Dryder/Titan NF) Weapons from a campaign with not inscr. weapons can be obtained in a campaign with inscr. weapons. This does not result in a 3rd bonus, but simply a inscr. version of the weapon.

    In most cases, there is no bug. NF Demons in the Olias quest don't drop NF weapons, NF Shadow Army doesn't drop Prophéties weapons. But you'd have to test all the instanced quests that might be affected, as well as all the monsters outside instanced quests (zones) to be sure...