High end caster : 20/20 Wands & Staves, Platinum Wand q9 10/10, many Shields & Lowreqs!

  • Hey there, Ectos/Zkeys/Arms/Z-Gold accepted.



    Platinum Wand q9 Channeling 10/10 - S/B 30e
    Cane q10 20/20 Inspiration - S/B 10e

    Water Wand q9 10/20 Water - C/O 235e B/O 235e (pending delivery)

    Golden Chalice q13 ES 20/19 Fire - C/O 5a B/O 8a (R/B reached!)

    Wailing Wand q10 Death 20/10 - S/B 20e

    Paper Fan q9 SR 9/20 Blood - S/B 10e
    Pronged Rod q9 19/19 Blood - S/B 10e
    Platinum Wand q10 Dom 10/10 - S/B 10e
    Cane q9 19/19 Illusion - S/B 10e
    Spawning Wand q10 20/19 Communing - S/B 15e

    PRENERF Wroth's Holy Rod - S/B 100e

    OS shields


    OS Physical

    Inscriptible & Low reqs!

    IGN : Vizi Le Pur

    Leave your bids here, and PM on GwLegacy! :)

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  • Bump!
    Thank you, sold some stuff and added a B/O on the Golden Chalice (R/B is reached, will be sold to highest bid in 2 days if B/O isn't taken)