• I have recently been dealing with a issue in the loading screen in HA and other zones where it says 0% connecting. It doesn't load and makes me have to quit the game. I have seen a thread on reddit about it but no one had any answers. Does anyone have a solution to this. It is really frustrating me because Ive been in halls multiple times and it kicks me out and i cant reconnect and its so annoying.


    Please tell me if you have a solution, this is driving me crazy.

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  • do you have a static ip or dynamic? I know that some of the dynamic peoples (like me) have to re'trust' our ips on occasion, but it shouldnt happen everytime.....

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  • Same problem here, which I diagnosed to be due to slow internet connexion. I've noticed it's highly related to your broadband demand, so try to keep it as low as possible.

    One thing that definitely helps for me is intentionally crashing GW client via the task manager before loadings, so that when you restart GW you have this window telling you you can reconnect to the previous session. It does work even if you were restarting the client while your group was loading the following map. I'm basically doing this between every consecutive vanquished zone, every 3 to 5 rounds of RA and used to do it every 2 or 3 maps in HA. It's a bit annoying to repeat this often but it does really help for me.

  • ArenaNet on the case:


    Any word on the 0% loading bug after disconnecting?

    Technical question

    Normally it's not too big a deal, if you get disconnected while in town or such you just reload the game and you don't have to worry about it - but it's actually a big problem when doing dungeons and stuff, reconnecting just fine to your current floor but then never loading past 0% when you try to zone to the next floor.

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    Somehow this issue has eluded my attention. I'll look into it.