Various OS drops, mostly from Mantids


    My storage account is once again in need of cleanup, and this requires your assistance. Below is a long list of items I want to sell, and you want to buy them!

    This thread is now closed. If you didn't bother to contact me for your items, you can try to reach me but I won't promise to keep anything beyond this point.

    First, the usual technicalities. Please take the time to read them!

    • I reserve the right not to sell if an offer does not impress me. That being said, it's unlikely I will make use of this right.
    • I only accept offers made in a post in this thread. No PMs, no ingame messages. This is to preserve transparency.
    • Consequently, no items will be sold ingame. I sell here or I don't sell.
    • The starting bid on every items is 20e, this is to avoid loading up a storage account for a 5e trade.
    • There are no buyout prices since I don't know what the items are worth. Adding a buyout would simply be unfair. Do not ask for a buyout.
    • All items are numbered, but each category has individual numbering. Always include which section you're bidding on.
    • I accept Ectos and Armbraces. As of this moment, Arms are going for 60-65e in Kamadan, so for this thread, their value is 60e.
    • I accept no trades, though if you're desperate to pay in Zkeys, we may come to an arrangement. No other currency is possible.
    • The bids on any item will be closed 7 days after the last bid on that item was made. This is to avoid snipes.
    • Some of these items were in my last thread, but people who won the bids didn't contact me. They're now for sale again.
    • If there is anything to discuss, I may be available ingame as "Lily Coldfury".
    • The first items are now sold. Contact me ingame for a trade.

    Now, let's have a look:



    2 (Grinning Dragon Axe Dualzeal): 30e Agent Chevy, 6.5.2018 SOLD

    4 (Celestial Axe Dualzeal): 30e Agent Chevy, 6.5.2018 SOLD



    2 (Crenellated Sword Dualzeal): 30e Agent Chevy, 6.5.2018 SOLD



    3 (Divine Scroll HCT 10%, HSR Prot 20%): 20e hGt 11.8.2018 SOLD

    9 (Protective Icon HSR Prot 20%, HCT Heal 20%): 15a (900e) Cataphract, 10.8.2018 SOLD

    14 (Golden Chalice +30 HCT Air 20%) 50e Cataphract, 5.8.2018 SOLD

    16 (Healing Ankh, HCT Heal 20%, HSR 10%): 850e OS T, 7.8.2018 SOLD

    Shields: (this is the bulk of my stuff. Take your time and browse, there's some lovely pieces here.)


    2 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Demons): 400e Sicilianking, 13.8.2018 SOLD

    3 (Celestial Shield Air Magic +1/20%, -2 wE): 30e Mokhtar81 18.8.2018 SOLD

    6 (Celestial Shield -3wH +30): 75e Hrwakka 16.8.2018 SOLD

    8 (Celestial Shield -3 wH, +30): 75e Hrwakka 16.8.2018 SOLD

    9 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Cold): 25e Zuphix, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    10 (Celestial Shield +10 v. Plants, +45 wE): 20e hGt 11.8.2018 SOLD

    11 (Celestial Shield -5/20%, +30): 650e hGt, 16.8.2018 SOLD

    12 (Gothic Defender -2 wS, +10 v. Demons): 120e Mozo, 5.8.2018 SOLD

    13 (Ornate Shield +10 v Blunt, +30): 75e jack I eventreur, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    14 (Echovald Shield +10 v. Slashing, -2 wE): 3a (180e) Mad Gib, 7.8.2018 SOLD

    19 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +45 wE): 20e hGt 11.8.2018 SOLD

    20 (Celestial Shield -2wE, +10 v. Plants): 20e Mozo, 12.8.2018 SOLD

    25 (Celestial Shield -2 wS, +30): 100e Ingame Notoriety, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    26 (Tall Shield +10 v. Blunt, -2 wE): 50e Mozo, 12.8.2018 SOLD

    27 (Ornate Shield +10 v. Demons, +45 wE): 120e Arcana Force, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    30 (Celestial Shield -5/20%, +10 v. Demons): 20e sipuss, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    32 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Dragons): 30e Mozo, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    40 (Eternal Shield +30, -2 wS): 25e Hrwakka 18.8.2018 SOLD

    41 (Echovald Shield +10 v. Blunt, -2 wE): 50e Mad Gib, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    42 (Tall Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Undead): 7a (420e) Sicilianking, 11.8.2018 SOLD

    43 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Slashing): 25e Zuphix, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    49 (Celestial Shield +10 v. Ogres, +30): 20e Mozo, 11.8.2018 SOLD

    53 (Celestial Shield +45 wE, -2 wE): 20e hGt 11.8.2018 SOLD

    54 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Demons): 40e hGt 12.8.2018 SOLD

    55 (Gothic Defender +10 v. Plants, -2 wE): 100e Mozo, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    Staves: The Fire Staff is Core, the Water Staff is Canthan.


    1 (Celestial Staff 20/20 Air): 150e JulioGuru 12.8.2018 SOLD

    12 (Fire Staff Core, 20/20): 25e Hrwakka, 7.8.2018 SOLD

    15 (Water Staff Canthan, 20/20): 25e Hrwakka, 7.8.2018 SOLD



    5 (Voltaic Wand HSR Earth 20% +5^50): 80e Pleikki, 10.8.2018 SOLD

    Q9 Baneful Scepters: These are sold as a set only, and the starting bid for the entire set is 200e.


    Now, buy something!

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  • Axe 3,5, sword 2

    30e each

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