Various OS drops, mostly from Mantids

  • Good news everyone!

    My storage account is once again in need of cleanup, and this requires your assistance. Below is a long list of items I want to sell, and you want to buy them!

    First, the usual technicalities. Please take the time to read them!

    • I reserve the right not to sell if an offer does not impress me. That being said, it's unlikely I will make use of this right.
    • I only accept offers made in a post in this thread. No PMs, no ingame messages. This is to preserve transparency.
    • Consequently, no items will be sold ingame. I sell here or I don't sell.
    • The starting bid on every items is 20e, this is to avoid loading up a storage account for a 5e trade.
    • There are no buyout prices since I don't know what the items are worth. Adding a buyout would simply be unfair. Do not ask for a buyout.
    • All items are numbered, but each category has individual numbering. Always include which section you're bidding on.
    • I accept Ectos and Armbraces. As of this moment, Arms are going for 60-65e in Kamadan, so for this thread, their value is 60e.
    • I accept no trades, though if you're desperate to pay in Zkeys, we may come to an arrangement. No other currency is possible.
    • The bids on any item will be closed 7 days after the last bid on that item was made. This is to avoid snipes.
    • Some of these items were in my last thread, but people who won the bids didn't contact me. They're now for sale again.
    • If there is anything to discuss, I may be available ingame as "Lily Coldfury".
    • The first items are now sold. Contact me ingame for a trade.

    Now, let's have a look:



    2 (Grinning Dragon Axe Dualzeal): 30e Agent Chevy, 6.5.2018 SOLD

    2 (Celestial Axe Dualzeal): 30e Agent Chevy, 6.5.2018 SOLD



    2 (Crenellated Sword Dualzeal): 30e Agent Chevy, 6.5.2018 SOLD



    3 (Divine Scroll HCT 10%, HSR Prot 20%): 20e hGt 11.8.2018

    9 (Protective Icon HSR Prot 20%, HCT Heal 20%): 15a (900e) Cataphract, 10.8.2018

    14 (Golden Chalice +30 HCT Air 20%) 50e Cataphract, 5.8.2018 SOLD

    16 (Healing Ankh, HCT Heal 20%, HSR 10%): 850e OS T, 7.8.2018 SOLD

    Shields: (this is the bulk of my stuff. Take your time and browse, there's some lovely pieces here.)


    2 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Demons): 400e Sicilianking, 13.8.2018

    8 (Celestial Shield -3 wH, +30): 20e hGt 11.8.2018

    9 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Cold): 25e Zuphix, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    10 (Celestial Shield +10 v. Plants, +45 wE): 20e hGt 11.8.2018

    11 (Celestial Shield -5/20%, +30): 300e hGt, 11.8.2018

    12 (Gothic Defender -2 wS, +10 v. Demons): 120e Mozo, 5.8.2018 SOLD

    13 (Ornate Shield +10 v Blunt, +30): 75e jack I eventreur, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    14 (Echovald Shield +10 v. Slashing, -2 wE): 3a (180e) Mad Gib, 7.8.2018 SOLD

    19 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +45 wE): 20e hGt 11.8.2018

    20 (Celestial Shield -2wE, +10 v. Plants): 20e Mozo, 12.8.2018

    25 (Celestial Shield -2 wS, +30): 100e Ingame Notoriety, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    26 (Tall Shield +10 v. Blunt, -2 wE): 50e Mozo, 12.8.2018

    27 (Ornate Shield +10 v. Demons, +45 wE): 120e Arcana Force, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    30 (Celestial Shield -5/20%, +10 v. Demons): 20e sipuss, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    32 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Dragons): 30e Mozo, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    40 (Eternal Shield +30, -2 wS): 20e hGt 11.8.2018

    41 (Echovald Shield +10 v. Blunt, -2 wE): 50e Mad Gib, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    42 (Tall Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Undead): 7a (420e) Sicilianking, 11.8.2018

    43 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Slashing): 25e Zuphix, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    49 (Celestial Shield +10 v. Ogres, +30): 20e Mozo, 11.8.2018

    53 (Celestial Shield +45 wE, -2 wE): 20e hGt 11.8.2018

    54 (Celestial Shield -2 wE, +10 v. Demons): 40e hGt 12.8.2018

    55 (Gothic Defender +10 v. Plants, -2 wE): 100e Mozo, 6.8.2018 SOLD

    Staves: The Fire Staff is Core, the Water Staff is Canthan.


    1 (Celestial Staff 20/20 Air): 150e JulioGuru 12.8.2018

    12 (Fire Staff Core, 20/20): 25e Hrwakka, 7.8.2018 SOLD

    15 (Water Staff Canthan, 20/20): 25e Hrwakka, 7.8.2018 SOLD



    5 (Voltaic Wand HSR Earth 20% +5^50): 80e Pleikki, 10.8.2018

    Q9 Baneful Scepters: These are sold as a set only, and the starting bid for the entire set is 200e.


    Now, buy something!

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