Chestrun Teaching + Trade Mod close for unknown time

  • Hey everyone,

    not sure if there is any demand for this but in the recent months i often got asked about chestruns by ppl ingame and to me it seems a bit like many ppl forgot about most chestruns exept maybe pongmei or boreal station. I know many chestruns for alot of different skins and im keen to share my knowledge with everybody who wants to know more about chestrunning! Depending on what you are looking for, it might be the faster way to get what u want. Also these days chestrunning can rly pay off if u are persistant...but ofc a little luck is helpful ;)

    I can also provide a Trade Mod service.

    I recently got scammed on a trim trade (second time ...) and i havent rly seen Emma online in a while so i decided to give it a go to and hopefully avoid others from getting scammed. I am new to this and have yet no prove of my trustworthiness, some ppl already know i am and if u guys allow it i would like to build up a reputation! Ive got everything i ever wanted and even more than that so there is no reason for me to scam anybody. (never did, never will!) Can provide help with pretty much all kinds of trades, but if its a trade that needs more than 45 free inventory slots i might struggle xD

    Lets make GW great again! :D



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  • that sounds like a lot of fun - I'd be interested in some of the real old prophecies chestruns I might have forgotten about... or those for tower shields or defenders, if you know of any that have a high chance for this particular skin ;)

    But you could also make a thread of this, or you'd probably repeat certain things many times.

    See you ingame soon ;)

    Side note: I can make a +1 on this guys trustworthiness! If I'd ever have the problem of having too much money to deal in one trade - I'd readily trust him on that.

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

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  • I don't have any runs/skins in particular but just some general chest run questions about prophecies in general, PM me if you ever find yourself with some spare time :)

  • Thank you hGt for putting this out there and offering that knowledge. I get similar questions and demonstrate runs when requested. I am also working on mapping some of the runs I do along with chest spawn indicators and will post those on Legacy once I have the chance.

    As a result of knowing you in game for quite some time, I 100% stand by your trade mod service!


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  • Well, I’m interested in trying this out. I have an account that I want to move to post sear between 11/16-11/20, but I want to move some items to a new perma pre sear account I made.

    The account moving to post sear was one I always wanted to move post sear years ago, but I also wanted to get LDoA on. I finally found time to do LDoA, but I wanted to keep some items pre-sear.

    PM me or message me in game. Thanks!

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