Triple (3) Mod Items and Their Research

  • I have received some questions about triple modded items ingame recently, while also seeing some talk about them on forums i decided bring back alive Yoji's old research thread from guru and update it.

    Credit from most of the images and research go to Yoji, and from writing about the history behind the items go to LicencedLuny

    History behind 3-mod items by LicencedLuny

    In Halloween 2010 they introduced some new event quests. One was "Commandeering a Mortal Vessel." The quest was given by a Halloween NPC in Lion's Arch and supposed to be available to any account with Prophecies. To complete this quest you and your party needed to travel to Majesty's Rest and enter a little mini-dungeon, single-level map called The Mausoleum, which you got into up on top of Rotscale's island.

    The Mausoleum used art similar to the dungeon-y area we see when first taking a character to EotN, and the foes were like the Undead we see in some EotN dungeon areas (Shards of Orr springs to mind.) There was no Hard Mode version, but there was the possibility of Locked Chests in there. However, it was supposed to be a Prophecies quest ... not a Prophecies AND EotN quest. Originally, the loot dropped in there was reported to be the standard fare you'd see from Undead around Kryta.

    When it was first added to the game there was a bug, as players with Prophecies but without EotN weren't able to access it. So a day or so into the event, ANet released a bug fix update to let players without EotN do the quest, as had been intended.

    That update glitched something about the loot table in there. Stuff started dropping which seemed like ...

    List of possible skins was pulled from some part of EotN (so it included things like spears, scythes, Paragon-req. shields and various gear skins which had only ever appeared, to date, with inscription slots instead of inherent mods [examples would be "Illusory Staff" and "Protective Staff."])

    List of possible prefix and suffix mods attached to gear was pulled from some part of EotN. We saw drops with attached mods and resulting names (after id'ing) which we only ever saw before from inscription-loot source areas. Things like swift and devotion modded staffs, wands with the "of Memory" and "of Quickening" names (and the indicated wand wrapping attached.)

    So the skins and the possible mods were all pulled from EotN loot tables, but whatever part of the code was generating the base weapons was using the inherent system! So we were getting things like scythes with inherent damage mods, staffs with inherent condition reduction or inherent HCT chance for an attribute other than the staff's requirement attribute. And we were also sometimes getting shields, wands and foci with up to two inherent mods. That's how the triple-mods happened.

    Inherent shields, wands and foci aren't supposed to have mods at all. They're fixed. You can't add those suffix mods (shield handles, wand wrappings, focus cores) to them. But the game was generating such loot with the same chances of one to two inherent mods along with the same chance inscription-loot areas have to drop such items perhaps with an attached suffix mod.

    So, triple-mod items are shields, wands, and foci from the 2010 Mausoleum which dropped with two inherent mods and one attached suffix mod.

    You can salvage those attached suffix mods off, but you cannot add them back on (just like you cannot add a shield handle to an inherent-mod shield from Factions.) The game broke its own rules about what weapons can be modded. It did not break its enforcement of the rules on us, though.

    At the end of Halloween 2010, a game update wiped the quest which allowed access to that special area from everyone's quest logs. So we weren't allowed to hang onto it after the event and keep hunting for interesting loot.

    The Known Triple mod items

    I've updated images and list yoji gathered with ones that have been found since yoji stopped the research, here is list of 3 mod items known, and images below them.

    I will only add items with screens on the list so were sure they exist, if u know about any 3-mod item thats not listed here, please attach screenshot below and i will update it to the list.


    1. Reinforced Buckler of Fortitude____q9 T(16AR)(gold)___(Disease-20%,-2st,+28hp)

    2. Spiked Targe of Fortitude________q10 T(16AR)(gold)__(10vsUndead,-2ench,+28hp)

    3. Reinforced Buckler of Fortitude____q9 T(16AR)(gold)___(-2st,Blind-20%,+30hp)

    4. Tall Shield of Fortitude___________q11 T(16AR)(gold)__(Death+1(20%),-2st,+27hp)

    5. Defender or Fortitude____________q11 S(16AR)(purple)_(8vsPiercing,-2hex,+24hp)

    6. Reinforced Buckler of Fortitude____q10 T(16AR)(purple)_(-3hex,+8vsBlunt,+24hp)

    7. Heraldic Shield of Fortitude______q10 C(16AR)(gold)_(-2ench,+9vsLight,+29hp)

    8. Skeleton Shield of Devotion_______q12 T(16AR)(gold)_(10vsUndead,-2st,45wEnch)

    9. Ornate Buckler of Fortitude_______q9 T(16AR)(purple)_(Tactics+1(17%),-Bleeding-20%,+24hp)

    10. Tower Shield of Valor______ q11 S(16AR)(gold)_DivineFavor+1(19%),-5/20, 58wHex)



    1. Accursed Icon of Devotion____q10 curse(e+12)(gold)___(HCT 19% curse,+5AR(w-attack),+44hp w/e)

    2. Frost Artifact of Fortitude_____q12 water(e+12)(gold)___(AR+10 below50%,Bleed-20%,+29hp)

    3. Storm Artifact of Endurance___q12 air(e+12)(gold)______(HSR 10%,AR+5 w/e, +44hp w/s)

    4. Protective Icon of Swiftness___q9 prot(e+12)(purple)____(AR+5/-5e,Divine+1(17%),HCT 9%)

    5. Grim Cesta of Valor___________q10 death(e+12)(gold)___(AR+10 below50%,Disease-20%,+58hp Hexed)

    6. Water Prism of Devotion______q13 water(e+12)(gold)____(AR+5vs ele dmg,Air+1(20%),+43w/e)

    7. Bleached Skull of Swiftness____q9 SoulR(e+12)(gold)_____(HSR 19% blood,+29hp,HCT 10%)

    8. Idol of Fortitude_____________q12 Blood(e+12)(purple)____(AR+5vs ele dmg,HCT 18%blood,+22hp)

    9. Grim Cesta of Swiftness_______q11 Death (e+12e)(purple)___(AR+5^50, 23hp, HCT 9%)

    10. Channeling Focus of Endurance_q9 Channeling (e+12e)(gold)___(AR+5^50, HSR 19% Commu, +43w/s)

    11. Spined Focus of Endurance___q10 Blood (e+12e)(gold)___(AR+5while attack, HSR 19% Death, +45w/e)

    12. Inscribed Chakram of Fortitude___q12 Dom(e+12e)(gold)___(AR+5^50, HSR 19% Dom, 29hp)

    13. Spined Focus of Fortitude__q9 Blood (e+12e)(gold)___(HCT 20% Blood, +10ar<50, 27hp)

    14. Idol Of Devotion__q12 Blood (e+12e)(gold)___(AR+5wcasting, HCT 19% Curses, 44w/e)

    15. Flame Artifact of Fortitude__q13 Fire (e+12e)(gold)__(Dazed20%,AR+5^50, 29hp)

    16. Grim Cesta of Fortitude__q13 Death (e+12e)(Purple)_(Poison20%_AR+5while psys_24hp)



    1. Smiting Rod of Quickening____q9 smite(11-22)(gold)___(HCT 10%, +15e-1e,HSR 10%)

    2. Air Wand of Quickening______q11 Air(11-22)(gold)_____(+5e below 50%,HCT 10%,HSR 9%)

    3. Cane of Memory____________q10 illusion(11-22)(purple)__(HCT 15%dom,+14-1,HSR 17%ill)

    4. Fire Wand of Memory________q12 Fire(11-22)(purple)__(HCT 8%,+4e^50%,HSR 16%fire)

    5. Deadly Cesta of Memory_____q12 Death(10-20)(gold)__(+4e below50%,HCT 19%curse,HSR 19%death)

    6. Air Wand of Memory_________q11 Air(11-22)(gold)____(+5e we,HCT 10%,HSR 19%air)

    7. Arcane Scepter of Quick_____q10 Fast Cast(11-22)(gold)____(+5e^50%,HCT 10%, HSR 9%)

    8. Fire Wand of Quickening_____q12 Fire(11-22)(purple)___(+3e^50%,HCT 17%fire,HSR 9%)

    9. Pronged Rod of Quickening___q10 Blood(11-22)(gold)___(HCT 10%, +15e-1e,HSR 10%)

    10. Gazing Scepter of Quick_____q9 Domin(11-22)(gold)____(+5e hexed,HCT 20%insp,HSR 10%)(custo)

    11. Earth Wand of Quickening____q13 Earth(11-22)(gold)___(HCT 19%water,+5e below50%,HSR 10%)

    12. Water Wand of Memory______q12 Water(11-22)(gold)__(e+5 below50%,HCT 19%earth,HSR 19%water)

    13. Fire Wand of Quickening____q12 Fire(11-22)(gold)__(HCT 9%,+5e below50%,HSR 9%)

    14. Crimsom Claw Scepter of Quickening__q13 Soul Reaping(11-22)(gold)__(+5e below 50%,HCT 9%,HSR 10%)

    15. Truncheon of Memory______q11 Blood(11-22)(gold)__(+4e^50%, HCT 9%, HSR 19% blood)

    16. Harmonic Rod of Memory__q12 Commu(11-22)(purple)__(HCT 18%Channeling, +5e hexed, 16% HSR Communing)

    17. Eternal Flame Wand Of Quickening__q13 Healing(11-22)(gold)__(+5e ench/HCT 19% Healing, HSR 9%)

    18. Truncheon Of Quickening__q9 Blood(11-21)(purple)__(+4e/hex/HCT 17% Blood, HSR 8%)


    There also used be 1 more wand but it is now destroyed, the destoyed wand was this:


    There is now known total 44 triple mod items to exist, majority of the wands are now customized and majority of these items are sitting on banned or inactive accounts.

    Thanks everyone who will give their insights for the research and please, if u know about any that isnt listed here let us know about it!


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  • Its definitely worth quite a bit of something.

    Everything on this thread is basically a one off item. The worth of the individual item is of course up to the demand of the recipient(s) and what they are willing to pay/trade over whoever else wants one of the items.

    The only advice I can give you on that really nice shield is: Don't sell to a PM or a personal offer before getting a price estimate of at least a few reputable collectors.

  • I would think that there are more of these kicking around than we realize. I remember doing Mausoleum with full player teams from ToA with a runner, and people taking turns with the locked chests. I *think* there was also a chance to get a drop from the coffins, right? I might be misremembering though.

    Anyway, I think that Tall shield was mine originally, and I'm semi-sure I also had a triple mod Motivation Plated, though I can't find a screenshot anywhere. Luny had a bunch of stuff from there, including a couple of 20/10 EotN-skin staves that I gave her. I *think* she also had a triple-mod Jeweled Chalice, but that may have been someone else. I'm sure I've seen one. Don't know if is still around much, but he may have one or two items.

  • Who owns the q9tac reinforced buckler with 20% blind and -2/stance +30hp? Very interested in potentially making an offer for it.. Thanks!

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  • As I mentioned in the PC-Thread. Here ist the Rod I got, ready for the list.

    I almost merchd it 2 or 3 times caus of space issues xD but I just kept it for curiosity reasons.

    Sell: Stone Summit Shield -2/stance +10 vs. Charr, Echovald -5/19%/+10 vs. Demons (and other stuff)

    WTB: Shield -2/Ench, 20% Blind (pm me)

    Greetings Krigga

  • Just 2 Triples in there and one nice dual-shield (EOTN-Skin). You can delete the others if you like, since they don´t fit the thread-title, just the source.

    I farmed these with my own hooves. Together with 2-3 guildmates we ran in there like mad cows.

    Fond memories.



    PS: I found another Mausoleum Focus unfortunately only dualmod, but you can identify it with a Salvage Kit. This is what a Trip-Mod Focus would look like if you open it. If you remove the Core it´s just a useless singlemod that can´t be upgraded again. A triple-mod would become a dual-mod. A sad one at that.

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