Chest Run: Prophecies - Reed Bog - NM

  • Hi all,

    For those who don't know me, I am a full time Chestrunner as well as large variety collector. I enjoy chestrunning in NM for Q8 Foci, Shields, and Swords as well as HM for a variety of skins. I have been contacted by a variety of players seeking information about different chestrunning options. Since I have a large rotation, I decided to put together some info on my runs to share with the community. I also collect data on my chest drops to analyze trends and have a data set that will provide me insight on things such as % of weapon types that drop, Q8 chances, and different skins per map. I will include some of that data in with my posts. If these show to have an interest, I will continue to document other runs in the same fashion.

    I want to stress that this is only intended to be a guide. There are multiple paths to take and builds to use per run. There is no right or wrong path or build. Feel free to choose to take a different path as you learn more about the specific run, be aware that chest spawn locations may change depending on your starting point or path. If you think my run is too long, shorten it to your liking. Sometimes it is more about chests per min than how long the entire run can take.

    I hope you find value in this info and enjoy the art of chest running if you don't already.

    Agent Chevy | AKA "Chevy"

    Post Updates and Reason 6/8/2019 - New Post
    Campaign Prophecies
    Run Location Reed Bog
    Starting Point Ventari's Refuge (run through Ettin's back)
    Mode Normal
    Average time (can vary based on skills and pcons) 2 to 3 Minutes
    Full or Partial Map Run Full
    Chest Type Maguuma Chest
    Number of Chests 3 to 4
    Q8 Focus, Shield, and Sword Possible? Yes
    Examples of targeted drops (not all inclusive) Q8 Focus, Shield, and Sword
    Oldschool or Inscripted Items Oldschool
    Consumable (Optional/ Not required) Cupcake
    Chevy's Build Template OwZSg4PTSf6MHQLiIQ0k3lNQ
    Run Tips/Notes Option 1: Run through Reed Bog and grabbed chests, then zone into The Falls, and reverse run through Reed Bog back to Ettins' Back, Repeat. (this may take a little longer than option 2 due to backtracking to rezone)

    Option 2: Bring an alt and leave at the zone into Reedbog from Ettin's back, after completing the run, use alt to zone and rezone.


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