WTS Ceratadon/Kuuna/Asura/Varesh//EL Ghostly/EL Beetle//Inscr q8 Swords&Offhands/q9 Weapons//OS Staffs/Glooms/q8+5e Axes&Swords

  • Hey guys :) Starting a new thread: everything that has a price tag (r/b or b/o) on it has to go, so dont hesitate to offer because I might let go a lot of things for less than b/o or even r/b. Its pretty much a clear out sale.

    Rules for the thread:

    1. I reserve the right to not sell to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

    2. If u take b/o Ill try to catch u ingame asap. Might still take a while tho. PLS leave IGN!

    3. If r/b are met Ill try to contact highest bidders some time after, depending on my IRL schedule.

    4. If no r/b or b/o is listed dont expect me to sell anytime soon. They might be added sooner or later tho.

    My IGN: Heilendes Geschoepf

    \\\\\\ Miniatures //////

    *The not so common Pets*

    *The more common Pets: some Bday some Celestials*

    \\\\\\ Everlastings //////

    \\\\\\ Weapons (Inscr.) //////

    \\\\\\ Weapons (Non inscr.) //////

  • q9 celestial axe inscr 5e (buyout)

    q9 charr axe inscr 5e (offer)- is it bonus mission or eotn drop? EDIT: ok pass on that one- ty for quick response!

    q9 celestial daggers 5e (offer)

    IGN Alexa Jaide

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  • Spiked Targe q9 Str (Small version) - 3e

    Heraldic Shield q9 Com - 3e

    Eagle Defender q9 Com - 3e

    IGN Alexa Jaide

    -reserve right to retract on any i pick up in game

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