San's prenerf Bows & pointy stabby things

  • I have made the mistake to giveaway and sell most of the items and possessions I had collected throughout the prime days of this amazing game around the time when GW2 was launching, thinking I was going to quit Guild Wars for it's successor for good. About 4 years ago now, when I first returned to Guild Wars, I very much regretted doing so. I did'nt really have the intention to stick around this time. However the nostalgia and the fond memories grabbed me. And the collector in me decided to slowly start over again. And now here we are. :)

    I've always mained Assassin and Ranger, and as such Bows and Daggers have always been my favorite weapons aswell.

    My absolute favorite dagger skin: Dragon Kamas or Dragon Scythes as they were called prior to the release of Nightfall.
    02/10/21 updated with q8 +5 energy & post nerf q8 14^50.

    One of my favorite dagger skins, Oni Daggers (still actively looking for the missing mods!)

    Req8 15^50 Daggers still actively looking for more skins.
    Interested in all skins I don't own yet to restore the practically complete collection I used to own.
    02/10/21 Updated with q8 15^50 Jade Daggers.

    Req8 15^50, +5e & 15wE Bows quite satisfied with this collection as it stands now.
    Updated 02/10/21 decided to put all my bows into one image.

    Appreciate everyone who has contributed to these collections in some way or form. <3

  • Really enjoyed looking at this :P

    PS: also some nice clean values ;)


    IGN: Mr Clean Value

    :!: Important: Please if i win an auction/or u want to sell me an item write me an PM so we can organize the Trade :!:

    ...................................................................( Thanks for understanding and appreciate the help <3 )......................................................................................................

    "Keep it clean!" 🧽💦

    WTB: x00g - Clean Value items - 360g Roundshield - 256g RAM-hammer - Waterwand with 20/20 Fire

  • Thanks dude. You got a really nice bow yourself though. That q8 +5e Bramble Flatbow is an absolute beauty. :)

    Great collection mate 😉

    Thanks man. :)

    Really enjoyed looking at this :P

    PS: also some nice clean values ;)

    Hehe I had a feeling you would probably appreciate the clean values. ;)

    Amazing collection San!

    Thanks buddy!

  • Updated the Dragon Kamas image with two new additions. The post nerf 14^50 & the key piece to this collection +5 energy.
    I have tried to buy this piece from an old friend for a good while now. I've offered him almost everything in my possession + arms. However since he's not actively playing and only logs on once in a blue moon, he saw no value in items or in arms anymore so we sadly never managed to strike a deal. This week he logged on for the first time in a very long time, and after a nice conversation this generous legend just simply gifted them to me. I can't thank you enough for this buddy, much love! <3

    Additionally, I was able to add Jade Daggers to my q8 15^50 Dagger collection this week.

    Closing off i've been fortunate enough to find and purchase the two missing pieces to my q8 15^50 bow collection.
    The Zodiac Longbow & the Eternal Bow.

    I consider this collection finished as it stands. And as a result i've decided to put all my bows into one final showcase image.

    I would like to stress again that i'm very grateful to everyone who has contributed to these collections in some way or form. Much love! <3