Farming for low Q/non max weapons

  • Hey,

    Recently I've been interrested in farming for low Q (3 4 5 6 7 8) with max or non max modifiers, IE : Q8 12 armor shield.

    Where do you farm for those, other than feather farm..

    I'm especially after low Q tyrian weapons..

    Thanks !

  • That's kind of a broad question, I'm not sure in which direction you are thinking. In general, q3-7 items drop from foes that are lower than lvl20. You can narrow it down further if you know more specifics about the items that you're after, e.g. oldschool/inscribable, rarity (gold/purple/blue/white), damage/armor range, skins.

    Compared to popular HM farms, low lvl foes are quite easy to deal with. Personally I enjoy just choosing either a foe type or an item type, coming up with my own builds for them, and seeing what kind of drops I get. Most of the time, you can infer a lot of information from the type of weapons that you get in the first few runs. You might even find some unexpected, exciting things, which I'm not sure people would share with everyone... :angel:

    I haven't been farming low lvls for very long, so I don't know whether there are standard farms - if that's what you were asking? The snowmen dungeon in normal mode seems like an easy and obvious place for general items including gold 5/13 - 6/14 shields (EotN is Tyria, isn't it?).

  • just run about and kill low lvl mobs. for your mentioned reqs the range is pretty much lvl 12-17, best probably in the 12-15 range if you ar after nonmaxes as well as you mentioned. nm raptor nestling is fun, the mentioned snowmen, you can farm fire imp in kryta, caromi as well, then there's gates of kryta nm grasping ghouls... the list is pretty much endless. just take your random build, run about tyria (kryta would be best fitting level wise) and see what suits you. you do not really have to get out a farmin build on most - a random halfway suitable build will help just fine ;)

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

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  • Alright we'll I'll try to figure out a build.

    Also, there's one particular skin I am after, it's a Q4 dusk blade with a +20 while hexed inherent.

    So I'll try to find ways to farm that item and hopefully, get that stat combinations !

    Thanks aagain

  • Hmm dusk blade is a difficult one, as far as I know there is no specific enemy or mob that drops them. For q4, perhaps try afflicted (warriors) in zen daijun? Or ask someone who knows more about Factions farming... Sorry!