Henchmen Everlasting : State of the Economy

  • I have some screenshot proof to clear my name from this incident, since clearly the screenshot was altered using a software/bot program by the scammer. Worrior Of The Gods who I think is also Alys Malafaux and L O R D Maggot is the culprit of this scam. I added him to friends list because I wanted to see when he would log on because he tried to scam a friend of mines as the name Lia Ylng with an "l" instead of an "i" and i am Lia Ying in game. You will see on the very last screen I circled he says "I am fucked now," which means he is going to make more fake screenshots of me altered with fake messages of me admitting to scamming the tonic, which never happened.

  • Everlasting Henchman Tonic Erick is mia. I owned it but was hacked. I suspected White wasabi at the time but unsure if he was perma banned or where the tonic may be currently. I ticketed anet about the issue previously but they have made it clear they have no interest in making sure the tonics are put where they belong.

  • Yeah, this is the same guy everytime. Doesnt matter what you offer think he wont sell anything. He prolly just want to show what he got and let everyone know, but this is just my opinion. I bid once on something from him in the past (srsly dk what it was) and he just said something in that direction and after a brief conversation he was very upset and wrote something like "Get outta here, this is my game." :D
    I didnt insult him or anything, it was just because the offer wasnt good enough for him. That just btw.
    Was very amused this day. :>

  • I see, I missed that thread.

    This reminds me the troll who has been selling the Q8 Crystalline for +4 years and every time when someone whispers him with an offer he says "too low sorry", imagine how arrogant someone must be to waste time doing this in a game that is literally dead.

    what is different here is that the mods approved the thread, so he is the "owner" , and has the right to sell it here even if he got it by a malicious way

  • what is different here is that the mods approved the thread, so he is the "owner" , and has the right to sell it here even if he got it by a malicious way

    the owner of r8 gold 15^50 crysta, unded panda, unded ig is a personal friend of mine. I have done business with her for a long time and don't believe she has done anything malicious to get the items she owns. Many of them came from old friends who quit the game or she had bought them many years ago after tournaments... though, i will say she tends to overprice some items and wont budge too much unless you are a personal friend. She plans to eventually sell one of the three items and keep the rest.

  • your friend sucks^ I tried to purchase an item from him and he was asking 250a for it. I really wanted the item and all I had at the time was 246a and he pretty much told me to f off with anything less than 250a which was his advertised price.